▷ Hive Social, the latest alternative to Twitter?

Following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, many changes quickly followed, even giving many reasons to leave the application in recent weeks. He was running out of steam. Are there other alternatives? It seems so with the latest addition to social networks: Hive Social…

As Twitter’s survival hangs in the balance, a new wave of social platforms is emerging to meet increasingly pressing and demanding user needs. While many of them have turned to Instagram and TikTok, others are exploring networks like Mastodon, a microblogging social network created in 2016, or Parler, another American microblogging social network launched in August 2018.

But over the past few days, one newcomer in particular has seen a huge surge in downloads: Hive Social.

The latest buzzing mobile social app

Hive Social did pass one million users on Monday night after topping Twitter’s trending list, before continuing to grow on Tuesday, gaining 250,000 new users overnight It is currently the second best free app on the Canadian App Store.

Hive Social is the latest buzzing mobile-only social app. In look and feel, it is very similar to Twitter. He’s been described as a mix of Twitter, Instagram and a dash of Tumblr, with old-school MySpace and Facebook thrown in for good measure.

Features very similar to Twitter

You can follow people, and they can follow you back. You can also “like” or “like” other users’ posts and at the same time, for lack of a better term, “retweet” other people’s posts (although this is called ” repost” by Hive). It also includes basic features like post replies and GIF downloads.

The biggest plus point, according to users, is that the app includes an editing feature for all messages. There are also no ads at the moment.

Hive creator Kassandra Pop, 24, founded the app in 2019 after becoming disillusioned with popular social platforms and their algorithms, according to her website. The first version of the app was launched on the iOS App Store at the end of 2019, but in early 2021 the platform really caught on. Because of this, it says there is no algorithm that determines what users see.

So how is it different from Twitter?

The biggest difference between the two is that Hive Social says there is no algorithm to decide which posts you see. In other words, your feed shows you exclusively consecutive posts, in the order in which they were posted. This is in contrast to other platforms like rival Twitter, which analyzes your interests and daily activity to prioritize posts the app thinks you’ll like.

Another big difference: there’s no blue tick and users don’t pay to boost their posts.

In addition to accounts you follow, Hive Social’s Discover tab contains trending content from users you don’t follow. It includes sections for individual topics, including memes, pets, travel, and more. Like Twitter, users can comment, repost content to their own accounts, or like them to show their support.

Unlike Twitter, Hive also offers deeper profile customization options. In addition to the standard profile photo and cover photo, users can choose a color theme that matches all of its buttons, indicate their pronouns or star sign, and even play certain songs whenever visit their profile. .

Some downsides include the fact that the “mobile-first” app is currently managed by a two-person development team, which may not be able to handle the influx of users. Pop said the site currently has no content moderators, although he is working on a strategy to moderate posts through algorithms and human employees. Currently, it relies on users to self-report harmful content such as gore or child exploitation.

Another big obstacle is that many people can share the same ID, which can lead to a huge verification problem and risk of identity theft.

Finally, Hive Social is obviously a smaller application than Twitter, but it can also have enormous potential to develop your web marketing strategy…

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