Dacia Vaner. The large utility cousin of the Renault Master that will never exist

Imagine the launch of a large van called Vaner at Dacia, based on the Renault Master? This project by illustrator Andreï Dila may seem unrelated at first glance. But, after experiencing several failures, the Romanian brand no longer relies on utility.

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Romanian illustrator Andreï Dila imagined a large Dacia utility vehicle derived from the Master. He christened it Vaner and even offered a variation for the gendarmerie.

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Since the discontinuation of the Dokker at the end of 2020, Dacia no longer has any utility vehicles in its range. A loss imagined by a Romanian illustrator Andreï Dila. To design his Vaner, he logically started with a Renault-branded model. However, it does not take the basis of the recent Express… which is actually a Dokker with a modified body and dashboard. This follower of the graphic palette prefers to start with the largest of the Losange vans, the Master. A choice he explains in a video by evoking the presence of a Dacia in this category between 1975 and 1978, the D6 Estafette. Only 642 copies of this twin of the famous Estafette were made. Vaner will therefore have no difficulty in doing better, but it will not have the leisure to prove it because there is no marketing expectation.

Dacia is not attractive for workers

On paper, Andreï Dila’s idea might seem like a good fit. Thanks to the headlights, grille and taillights reminiscent of the future Duster 3 and Bigster SUV, this impressive van easily fits into the Dacia range. Without asking too high an investment in the addition, because it takes over the chassis and the majority of the Master’s bodywork. In the utilities world, this practice of rebadging is common and often bears fruit.

Manufactured in Meurthe-et-Moselle, in Batilly, the large Renault van (to be renewed in 2024) is sold to Nissan under the Interstar name. But, for many craftsmen, the image of the brand and especially the commercial policy remains an important topic. With its refusal to apply traditional discounts, the old Dokker never succeeded in attracting professionals in numbers, unlike the new Renault Express that replaced it.

The Duster pick-up, a very special survivor

If we go back to the past, without going to the D6 Estafette, the Romanian manufacturer also offered a Van version of the first Logan. Derived from the MCV break, it was distinguished by its rear side without glazing. Its success was even lower than that of the Dokker, as was the Logan Pick-up sold at the same time. But it is a pick-up that remains today the only Dacia utility still available in France.… even if you can’t find it in the brand configurator. It is indeed a traditional modification of the Romanian coachbuilder Romturingia based on the Duster 2, imported to us by the Balleydier 4 x 4 garage, located in Haute-Savoie.

Another Duster Pick-up, christened Oroch, is still on sale in Latin America, this time officially. Like all other Dacia models present on this continent, however, it is badged Renault. A label that now solely takes care of equipment in our regions. Therefore, it is useless to hope to see this Vaner go beyond the stage of photomontages.


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