Basketball: The most hated players in the NBA

Much criticized in Philadelphia, Ben Simmons returned to the Sixers floor overnight Tuesday through Wednesday, but with a Nets jersey on his back. An expected return, as his story in Philly did not end well, making him one of the most hated players in the NBA, just like his teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, who were also in the news in recent months. .

519 days after his last game in Sixers, Ben Simmons back to Philadelphia. The player of net returned to the floor of his former team on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, which ended in a loss for his team (115-106). A long-awaited return, both ending his adventure in Philly spoke Everyone remembers this famous action, in the 7th match of the 2021 playoff against hawks. Alone under the basket, Ben Simmons had a chance to dunk quietly, but chose to release the ball Matisse Thybulle. A symbolic fact of the end of the famous ” process ” in Sixers.

Ben Simmons

then, Ben Simmons was bumped by Doc Rivers and Joel Embiidbefore refusing to return for a continuation with the Sixers next season. ” I think the turning point of the game is when we had an open shot but we came away with only one shot and behind they scored “, declared the Cameroonian pivot in particular, which reinforced a little more of the criticism of his teammate, which made him one of the most criticized players in NBA. ” Everyone wants to see us fail, no one likes us “, it reacted Kevin Durant after the defeat of net in Philly. Number 7 of brooklyn probably right It must be said that he is also on the list of the most hated players in the league, especially after joining the Warriors in 2016.

Kevin Durant

A way, as some see it, to finally win a championship title NBAwhich he was unable to do GO ON. Kevin Durant would finally win two rings (2017, 2018), before leaving for brooklyn in 2019. Since then, the MVP of the 2013-2014 season is being talked about, but not always in a good way. This summer, he tried to leave the franchise for months, even asking his coach and general manager to leave to consider staying. In vain, reinforcing his bad image a little more with fans of the NBA. A feeling he shares with his colleague, Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving

Nothing has been going well for the 30-year-old leader since leaving the Riders. He wanted to free himself from LeBron James, but it clearly didn’t do him any favors. In Celtics, his attitude created internal tension, forcing the franchise to part ways with him after just two seasons. And his arrival at netwhere he needs to build a great team with James Harden and Kevin Durant, nothing fixed. Between his crazy theories, his refusal to get vaccinated that led to several months of absence and his recent setbacks, Kyrie Irving is undoubtedly one of the most hated players NBA.

Draymond Green

In this category, we can also mention Draymond Green. The latter is the perfect example of the player you’d rather be with than against you, unless it’s your name Jordan Poole. During the pre-season, the 32-year-old powerful winger distinguished himself by punching his young teammate in training. On the floors of NBAthe player of Warriors also outstanding in his attitude, sometimes and often at the limit of reasonable. Draymond Green in particular often attacked Rudy Gobertone of his favorite targets.

Patrick Beverly

Finally, Patrick Beverly also deserves to be on the list of most hated players in NBA. In front of it Sons in the evening from Tuesday to Wednesday, the leader of Lakers stand up again, but in the wrong way. Whereas Deandre Ayton slightly roomy Austin Reaves, Patrick Beverly came on his back, knocking him to the ground. If he moves to another position, his attitude will be comparable to Draymond Green. Known for his defensive qualities, the former player of Clippers likes to trouble his opponents, either through actions or words. So much so that his arrival in the City of Angels this summer there were many questions about his marriage Russell Westbrook.

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