A New Feature For Twitter?

Since the rumors of taking over Twitter by Elon Musk, we hear a lot of information related to the evolution of Twitter. We recently heard about the possible possibilities to edit tweets after posting. We also saw a proposal for a “fee” for government or commercial accounts. Publicizing the social network’s algorithm is also an idea on the table. Today, although it is not necessarily linked to the acquisition or to Elon Musk, we can see that Twitter is working on a new feature that will make it possible to follow tweets in a specific search: Search Subscribe.

How will Twitter’s next feature, Search Subscribe, work?

The principle is quite simple. Search Subscribe will allow Twitter users to receive notifications once tweets are published in the search results of a keyword tracking.

We can compare this feature with its equivalent in the search engine: Google Alerts, which allows you to receive a daily report of everything published on a specific request.

To activate it, it will be very simple. All you have to do is search for the application, then click on a small button to receive notifications. Discover it all in the pictures in this tweet from Dylan Roussel, the Android developer who found this function in the future.

We no longer have information about notifications. Dylan Roussel specified that he has not yet received push notifications. 2 options are available to us:

  • Twitter has not yet activated the feature because they still make this one.
  • Or else it is a periodic report and not a notification for each tweet, which might be too intrusive. We will start with a principle very similar to Google Alerts, as we said before.

This feature was discovered on mobile, but we don’t know if it’s possible to have it on desktop. It’s a safe bet that it’s possible too.

An existing feature?

For the most advanced Twitter users, this functionality is not necessarily new. In fact, with TweetDeck, the management interface in the form of a Twitter dashboard, it is already possible to follow everything that happens with a keyword.

A priori, if the functionality takes the exact characteristics of what is already seen in TweetDeck, it will be possible filter the results and the notifications to be sent by the author, by location or even related to the interaction product.

However, as we said, TweetDeck is more intended for Internet users who use Twitter more widely. However, a feature like this may be of interest to “classic” users. This may explain Twitter’s desireoffer Search Subscribe to the general public.

Then, it should also be noted that the desktop version TweetDeck will close next month on MacOS (disappeared from Windows in 2016). In addition, the future of Twitter’s main third-party client is worrying and seems increasingly unclear. The trend is currently a move to a paid formula, while this tool is now completely free. This might explain why they imported some of TweetDeck’s “public utility” features into Twitter before charging it.

Under what conditions can we benefit from subscription to search results?

A lot of speculations revolve around the addition of this new feature. It can be added to Twitter Blue. As a reminder, Twitter Blue is a premium formula of the social network, which allows the most enthusiastic users to take advantage of advanced features.

Anyway, Search Subscribe is currently only available in Twitter Alpha, the blue bird version reserved for developers. So we have to wait for its official launch to know everything about this new tool.

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