Volkswagen Rent, more present in businesses

Beyond vehicles, financing and after-sales services, Volkswagen supports companies in their day-to-day operations. Volkswagen Rent is part of this desire to meet all the needs of professionals. Created in 2016, the Volkswagen Rent short-term rental brand now has 80 agencies spread across France. By the end of the year, this number should reach one hundred service points.

For distributors, Volkswagen Rent is an activity in its own right and represents a profit center managed as such. In most dealerships, the space dedicated to short-term rental is set up within the showroom and has its own identity through specific signage. Trained to carry out this activity, an employee is exclusively attached to it. On average, this specialist drives a fleet of 17 vehicles. The categories offered are varied to meet all requests. In addition, this sample is a showcase of the Volkswagen range.

LCD, a specific activity

Volkswagen Rent

All Volkswagen Rent distributors appear on the Res@car digital platform. Res@car lists the main players in the short-term rental market and the assistance and insurance companies supplying replacement vehicles. Currently, insurers, assistance providers and long-term rental companies account for 30% of Volkswagen Rent’s turnover. At the same time and according to the results recorded in 2021, the courtesy vehicle offered as part of the workshop intervention constitutes a third part of the activity. Another segment, traditional short-term rentals for leisure makes up 28% of commercial results.

Based on strong foundations, Volkswagen Rent has weathered the health crisis better than other short-term rental players. In addition, this service has established itself as an alternative to compensate for the extended delivery time due to the shortage of semiconductors and supply difficulties.

Another mission, Volkswagen Rent, offers businesses and their employees the opportunity to test brand new models. Short-term rentals allow you to discover the latest electrical technologies from the manufacturer. The adoption rate of the compact ID.3 sedan dropped from 46% in 2021 to 56% in the second quarter of 2022.

At Volkswagen Rent, the rental day is charged from 61 euros for the Polo and from 79 euros for the Golf. Set in the country, the fee schedule varies between low and high periods. Through the courtesy vehicle, the company benefits from a preferential rate, or even, depending on the context, free.

Thanks to the availability and diversity of its vehicles and thanks to its wide geographical coverage, Volkswagen Rent contributes to maintaining the mobility of companies and their employees.

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