the 15 most dangerous and violent acts in history

15. Zaza Pachulia

We begin not gently but in secret, in vice, in harlotry. There are full compilations of acts of bastard Georgian pivot trickster. But his move toward Kawhi Leonard marks an important turning point in recent NBA history. Not because of the sin itself – no less spectacular than the other classification – but for its terrible consequences.

Leonard almost never played again for the Spurs. He was injured in this dangerous action, returned only for 9 matches the following season and the management of this affair led him to request his transfer from San Antonio to Toronto. All of this led the Raptors to their first coronation of 2019.

We can never repeat it enough, putting your feet under the cylinder of a guy in extension, when it’s voluntary, it’s really a bastard thing.

14. Ron Artest

One of the most violent elbows in recent years. But what’s intriguing about this story is that we wonder what was really going through the head (who doesn’t want to know what’s going on in his skull?) of Ron Artest, alias Metta World Peace at the time. For once, he doesn’t really live up to his name.

Artest had just landed a massive dunk on Serge Ibaka and looked determined to celebrate with an angry fist. But… why is this nudge so pointless???? In fact, the player repeated several times after that he had no idea that James Harden – his unfortunate victim – was behind him. He was in his world saying he didn’t realize it. Hence the fact that he is pleading his case to the referees in the area.

The NBA did not joke with Artest and gave him a 7 match suspension. His reputation probably didn’t help him in this story.

13. Shaquille O’Neal

There has to be an uglier foul than this in NBA history. But on the other hand, just imagine a 2.15 meter and 130 kilo (uh… 150?) Shaq coming at you full speed when you measure 1.83 meters and 84 kilos.

12. Derek Fisher

Hey, another Lakers player. Definitely. Then, knowing that Luis Scola was never the last to throw punches in secret, we think Derek Fisher wanted to send a message.

11. Mardy Collins

When Madison Square Garden became a boxing ring. It all starts with a butcher’s foul by Mardy Collins, which brings down JR Smith. Immediately the latter got up and everyone turned around. A general brawl, just two years after the traumatic fight between Pacers and Pistons supporters at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

The irony is that Smith, who was the victim of the first contact, took 10 suspension matches against… 6 ​​for the Knicks player.

10. Alonzo’s Mourning

We stayed in the match with the players again from New York. Other than that, Alonzo Mourning is the source of the scuffle in this completely absurd judo take. Ah, the NBA the way it used to be, it’s still a hell of a delirium.

9. Bill Laimbeer

Little for all his work. The master of vice, who describes the Pistons’ “bad boys” so well.

8. Robert Horry

You don’t always have to put your hands or feet (we’ll get to that) to hurt an opponent. A big, poorly placed hip kick – finally placed properly for the shot – it can send more than one to the mat. Steve Nash fell for this disgusting gesture from Robert Horry.

Again, this sin has dramatic consequences. But not even for Horry. Instead for the Suns. By rising from the bench, in anger, Amar’e Stoudemire and Boris Diaw violated NBA rules. That’s why they were suspended for one game. A decisive playoff meeting that will undoubtedly cost the series, and perhaps a title, to Phoenix.

So we can’t say for sure that Mike D’Antoni’s players will win outright. But it must be annoying to lose in these conditions after suffering an attack like Horry’s.

How Steve Nash and the Suns were robbed of an NBA title

7. Raja Bell

We stay with the Suns. And their watchdog, Raja Bell. Considered the “Kobe stopper”, the Phoenix back morphed in this first round of the playoffs. Bryant took him around several times. And maybe Bell was just shocked because he was tired of getting shot in the face.

6. Marvin Williams

A chokehold while his opponent is in the air. Purely free, especially with the Celtics on their way to victory and knocking off the Hawks in the playoffs. Marvin Williams just wanted to pay someone. It fell to Rajon Rondo. Strangely, Kevin “Bar Fight” Garnett did not react.

5. Jerry Stackhouse

Like Garnett, Shaquille O’Neal didn’t try to kill his opponent after eating a space foul. Admittedly, he got up very angry before Dwyane Wade settled him. Above all, when he saw that it was Jerry Stackhouse at the origin of his gliding flight, he calmed down. And that says a lot about Stackhouse, which has quite the reputation in the industry. He notably hit Allen Iverson and Kirk Snyder.

4. Carl Malone

We have a feeling Karl Malone just wants to beat the crap out of Isiah Thomas. He almost punched her in fact. Finally, his elbow hit the face of the Pistons leader, while the latter was already in the air! If that wasn’t intentional and thought out…

Thomas remained on the ground for a long time, bleeding. He needs 40 stitches. His face was swollen when he got home so his wife even cried when she saw him. dirty

3. Andrew Bynum

Terrible. Here again, a completely gratuitous attack. Bynum didn’t even regret his actions on the field since he took off his jersey and went to the locker room before the referees bothered to send him off. The cold blood of the killer what? He knew what he had done, he knew what was waiting for him and he didn’t care. Like nothing happened.

2. Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale thinks the Celtics are too soft. He wants to provoke a reaction. But the violence of the attack on Kurt Rambis. A real madman’s sin that causes a general feud to start again. In any case, ironically, it paid off as his teammates found the will to revolt afterwards.

1. Bruce Bowen

Ever seen a man fight a shot with his feet? We are, yes. Bruce Bowen. A completely unlikely and extremely dangerous action that could tear Wally Szczerbiak’s head off.

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