Tesla Semi: charging areas for Elon Musk’s electric truck consume the equivalent of a small town!

News JVTech Tesla Semi: charging areas for Elon Musk’s electric truck consume the equivalent of a small town!

A few days before the official launch of its very first electric truck, the “Semi”, Tesla has to face a new controversy about the electricity consumption at the charging points of these titanic vehicles while the whole planet is in strict strict restrictions. .

The very first Tesla Semi electric truck will be delivered and put on the road in California on December 1st

It is a real event that we expect on Thursday, December 1 with the delivery of the very first electric trucks that are dear to Elon Musk, obviously we are talking about the famous Tesla Semi.

Announced in 2017, it took more than 5 years for the engineers at Tesla to design and set up what seemed like a small revolution in the world of road transportation.

For the record, it is the PepsiCo company (Pepsi, 7 Up, Tropicana, Lipton Ice Tea, Lay’s, Benenuts, Doritos or Sodastream) that will inaugurate the first Tesla Semis on the roads of California. 5 vehicles should be delivered to the company on December 1 and 15 in total by the end of the year (out of 100 ordered).

Tesla plans to deliver 5 cars per week and gradually increase production during 2023 to reach 50,000 cars per year by 2024. (only for the North American market!) while ensuring the release of the highly anticipated Cybertruck. Another big year ahead for Tesla and Elon Musk.

Elon Musk’s overambition is abundantly clear: be the world leader in road transportwhile waiting for competitors Mercedes and Volvo Trucks, which should also launch their first electric models soon.

The Tesla Semi is a rare electric truck with a range of 800 km

In fact, apart from two or three details (such as autonomy or price), nothing has really filtered down to the characteristics of the Tesla Semi to the general public. This is why the American firm decided to return to its pre-COVID habits and organize a big launch event reserved for shareholders (1 share is enough to participate!) from its Gigafactory in Nevada . This is an opportunity to reveal to everyone, all the characteristics of the future fear of the roads.

At least two screens can be found in the Semi’s cabin

So far, all we know is that the Tesla Semi is a class 8 truck (+ than 15 tons), that it is available in 2 versions (480 and 800 kilometers of autonomy) and its consumption is estimated at 1.25 kW per kilometer. IIt is equipped with three motors that allow it to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 25 seconds.

The starting price shown is $150,000 for the 480 km range model and $180,000 for the 800 km range model. Finally, they should be able to recharge from around 80% in just 30 minutes at new places called “Megachargers”.

Megacharger pads will eat the equivalent of a small US town

After the Supercharger stations, Tesla should therefore inaugurate the so-called Megacharger areas, covered by large photovoltaic panels and capable of accommodating Tesla Semi trucks.

The concern is that in order to provide the energy necessary for the proper supply of these giant roads, National Grid Plc, the manager of the British transport network, has done its small calculations and the numbers presented are very frightening. …

By 2035, a Tesla Semi charging station should consume the equivalent of a small American town. To a lesser extent, charging stations equipped with V4 or even V5 Superchargers will consume the equivalent of a football stadium in 2030.

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