Patrick Cohen: age, origins, salary, marriage, children, politics, Twitter… Everything you need to know

The historical chronicler of C à vous is stingy with secrets about his private life. Closer fished for information and tells you more about this one man.

How old is Patrick Cohen?

Patrick Cohen and 60 years. He was born on September 7, 1962.

What are Patrick Cohen’s origins?

According to The worldin a long photo dedicated to the journalist published at the end of August 2020, Patrick Cohen was born in Parisof a Moroccan and Catholic father and one Sicilian mother, catholic too. His paternal grandfather was Jewish. He grew up in Montreuil in Seine-Saint-Denis with it little brother and his parents. His engineer’s father ran a boilermaking SME. It was his mother stay-at-home mom. He is died of cancer when Patrick Cohen was 18.

About his origin, which he hardly talks about, Patrick Cohen said this in an interview with world in 2017: “I actually grew up in a French crucible, republican, secular and I am attached to what this country has done to people of diverse backgrounds. I am product of a wide mix together two grandparents born in Sicily, another in Morocco, where my parents live. If I were a politician I would say I am a French half-blood. But I have no public promise that my placing it will be legitimate. Well, I have this story.”

Where does Patrick Cohen live?

Patrick Cohen lives Parisnot far from Grands Boulevards Districtin 2e district, teaching us The world in his picture on the river. It also has a second home in Pyla-sur-Merin the Arcachon basin, in the Gironde, where he wants to recharge his batteries as soon as possible with his family.

Patrick Cohen as a couple: who is his wife Alexandra Cooren?

Patrick Cohen, very careful about his private and love life, was with her his wife Alexandra Cooren. Alexandra Cooren is a former journalist turned interior designeraccording The world. The couple met on RTLaccording to the magazine Gala. Alexandra Cooren then teamed up with Laurence Ferrari on The Unexpected Diary. Her LinkedIn profile also shows that in the past, Patrick Cohen’s wife has been through a lot of media. In particular, he is editor-in-chief at Europe 1 and Canal+ in The New Edition. He then held a position as development manager at KM productionthen he left the world of journalism in 2019. Then he joined The cloth, fashion and decoration trade school with the aim of retraining. In addition, Alexandra Cooren followed Studying history in Angers before moving to Paris to switch to communication professions.

The lovebirds (found in the photo in our slideshow) first went public in 2015 on the magazine’s red carpet QG during the Men of the Year ceremony at the Musée d’Orsay, where Patrick Cohen was named Animator of the Year. This time, Patrick Cohen has kind words for his wife: “I want to say thank you thanks to whom my life is more or less normal despite all I can do in the morning on the radio and in the evening on ‘C à Vous’… This is my wife Alexandra. Thanks to him. The magazine Gala was collected in 2020 by other rare secrets from the journalist to the person who shared his life for many years. Alexandra is very sociable, empathetic, welcoming. In short, very different from me. This is the secret of a marriage that lasts”he especially confessed.

Does Patrick Cohen have any children?

Patrick Cohen has three childrenstill from portrait of world. A 15-year-old girl named Juliet and an 11-year-old son named Aurélien, born of his union with his wife Alexandra Cooren. This too another 32-year-old son.

Patrick Cohen: what is his political orientation?

Patrick Cohen is located further left of the political spectrum but does not hesitate to take on politicians of all stripes in his interviews or in his records. Latest example: when Emmanuel Macron was received at Up to you in April 2022 before he was re-elected. Patrick Cohen did not go with the president-candidate, breaking down: “We took you for Jupiter, you are more Shiva”. And added: “It means the god with four arms and endowed with a third eye, watching over everything, taking care of everything while your ministers sometimes discover some of your decisions on television. That does not mean that there is no consultation .” Before finishing: “If you are elected on Sunday, will you stop being a monarch?”.

A law student at the faculty of Tolbiac, Patrick Cohen became in 1980, at the age of 18, student vice-president of Paris-I under the label UNEF, communist leanings. In nineteen eighty onehe voted George Marchais in the first round of the then presidential election François Mitterrand in the second round, say it again The world. Finally, note, for the record, that the just a political friend that Patrick Cohen has done for 30 years in the business is Daniel Cohn Benditt, as he has confessed several times in various interviews. He even described it as “workaholic”.

Where does Patrick Cohen work?

Patrick Cohen provides a daily column in which he judges the news Up to you in France 5 since 2011. Patrick Cohen also intervenes in a less structured and more random way during the show when he has something to say to a guest, for example. Sometimes this causes battles, or at least lively exchanges: recently Michel Polnareff settled his accounts on set with the journalist, while Clara Luciani changed him after a suspicious allusion. C à vous studio is located on Avenue de Breteuil, at the beautiful 7e district of Paris. Patrick Cohen is a pillar of the show with Pierre Lescure.

Since 2018, she also hosts the show Rembob INA on LCP where he returned to archive images and invited personalities to comment on these TV sequences. Before that, between 2010 and 2017, after spending thirteen years at RTLhe animated the morning of France Inter, a major contribution to its rise to the rank of France’s leading radio station. Patrick Cohen decided to leave public radio in morning of Europe 1 in 2017while the audience is in free fall at the private station. Victim of a failed transferhe was unceremoniously fired in 2018. He continues to host shows It happened this week on Saturday and It happened tomorrow every Sunday until 2021.

What is Patrick Cohen’s salary?

Patrick Cohen does not disclose his salary. On the other hand, Pierre Lescure, another figure of Up to you, who came on the show in 2014, three years after Patrick Cohen revealed his. As such, it gives us an idea of ​​his sidekick’s very comfortable salary. May 2020 guest on the show Luxury Moments presented by Jordan De Luxe to the channel Non Stop PeoplePierre Lescure declared unabashedly: “For C to you, I believe it is a contract of 8,000 euros per month”. Moreover, according to the magazine TV 2 Sunday in a 2017 survey, columnists from Up to you touched between 300 and 500 euros per issue. According to these sources, Patrick Cohen will receive between 6,000 euros and 10,000 euros per month at France 5.

Is Patrick Cohen on Twitter?

Patrick Cohen is not on social networks. He does not have an official Instagram or Twitter account. To find his interventions or public positions, you must go to the program account Up to you : @cavousf5.

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