Fournier: “If in a month, nothing has changed…”

Aurélien CANOT, Media365, published on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 11:34 am

Dumped since last Sunday, Evan Fournier (30) is one of the main victims of Tom Thibodeau’s choice to tighten the Knicks’ rotation. The Blues captain has missed his team’s last six games and it could continue for a long time. The French rearguard, certainly disgusted with his situation, does not lose morale for all that, certain that his turn will come again and especially that a trade will deprive him of the future birth of his son

Monday night, New York won on the OKC floor (129-119). Evan Fournier (30) did not participate in this victory. He wasn’t even on the trip to Oklahoma. It’s very simple: because Tom Thibodeau decided to tighten the rotation to try to stop the wave of poor results for his team, the captain of the Blues did not play. Six games now. Six games the French rear has not played. And it’s probably not over yet. Asked by Melvin Karsenti as part of the “Hype” program on Sport in France, Saturday night in the New York locker room on the sidelines of the match against Golden State in San Francisco, Fournier admitted that he had a lot of trouble digesting his situation . for now, but morale is not lost. “I’m not happy, but hey, what can I do? I don’t have much to do in real life (he shrugs and smiles, but annoyed). I stay professional, I do what I have to do, I try to be ready, and that’s it . We remain patient, what (…) It’s not because I was told that I’m no longer in the rotation, I’m going to start relaxing, eating more or going out. be ready. I’m training, I’m doing cardio, weight training. When I say professional, that’s it: getting ready for the better in case the coach needs me.”

“Let it happen quickly…”

Currently, this is not the case. “Ant” was certainly one of the first victims of his trainer’s sudden choice. A choice he never saw coming. And it was probably the hardest thing to do for the former Orlando player. “If you look at the minutes of the first games, I was at five, but I didn’t play much, so it could suggest a change in the future. After that, it happened very quickly… Finding myself at five in the 7th game and out of the rotation in the 13th game, it’s true that it happens very quickly”, confessed Frenchy, even more surprised that he had the feeling to adapt well to the new role asked of him . Thibodeau upon his arrival to the Knicks. “My role has definitely changed since last season. I mean, I’m more of a shooter than in previous years. It’s not my game in the past, but I’ve managed to adapt well, I think. . Well, no , it’s not I think: I adapted well (he insists).” In the same way, the silver medalist of the Tokyo Games with the French team believes that there is no need to risk delaying until the point of examination at all, as the coach of New York did. “I didn’t have a lot of time to be able to test this major five a bit, especially since basically, we were at three or four (in the rotation). I was at 40%. In real life, I “I I thought there was no alarm. Afterwards, it’s his choice, I won’t say much, you’d have to ask him.”

“A trade? It means I won’t see my son”

The native of Saint-Maurice was silent at the moment, preferring to be patient. But it’s obvious that he won’t be silent forever, knowing that everything can change quickly in his direction. “It depends on what the team is doing, but if nothing has changed in a month, I’ll start asking myself. Right now, I’m focused on what I have to do. I’ve just turned 30, I’m in my best years, I’m in great shape, I have to play (…) In 82 games, many things can change. trade, anything can happen.” Fournier only wants one thing: that the potentially traded player isn’t him. This would really deprive him of one of the best events out there. “My wife is pregnant. She will give birth in February. So my trade now means that I won’t be able to see my family for a few months, I won’t be able to see my new son. I’m at a stage in my career where I don’t want to live like that.” He’s also at the point in his career where he can’t really watch games go by without playing. Even at this moment, he patiently accepts his problems. But until when?

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