Denmark stumbles in Tunisia, Argentina concedes a surprise defeat against Saudi Arabia (1-2)

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6:59 p.m : Robert Lewandowski’s Poland failed to do better than 0-0 against Mexico. The FC Barcelona star even missed a penalty.

6:35 p.m : Good night . Their second show is scheduled for 10 am on the franceinfo Twitch channel. The first is see here.

6:34 p.m : It’s already noon for Mr. Godon and Godet?

6:06 p.m : “Should we politicize sport?To answer this question, Franceinfo Talk now welcomes Nicolas Ksiss-Martov, journalist for SoFoot, Louise Audibert, journalist for SoFoot and Antonin Deslandes, editor-in-chief of Caviar magazine.

6:01 p.m : Time for our news update:

• An investigation was opened for murder and kidnapping because the “The first elements seem to be moving towards a premeditated act”, announced the public prosecutor of Arras (Pas-de-Calais). Here’s what we know about this case.

“We are on the brink of civil war”, warned MP Estelle Youssouffa, in reference to the violence that has rocked Mayotte in recent days. For his part, the mayor of Mamoudzou talks “terrorism” and calls for the mobilization of the army.

• After the publication of several articles on his ex-wife, Eric Ciotti defended himself. The elected representative of Nice confirms that these works are always fully used, that they are known to all and in total connection with his university training”.

• Security services raided a monastery in Kyiv suspected of having ties to Russia. Follow our live.

• Tick tock, tick tock… Only two hours left before the entry of the French team. Meanwhile, the meeting between Mexico and Poland is still going on (0-0).

5:03 p.m : Let’s go to the third game of the day. Mexico will face Poland for the second open meeting of Group C, after Argentina’s surprise setback against Saudi Arabia (2-1) this afternoon in the same pool. (ROBYN BECK/AFP)

4:08 p.m : Armband “One Love”, boycott of the Iranian anthem, knees on the ground… Franceinfo looks back at this very political start to the competition. Iranian team players remain silent during their anthem, in support of victims of regime repression, on November 21, 2022 in Doha, Qatar.  (FADEL SENNA/AFP)(FADEL SENNA/AFP)

4:30 p.m : There was no winner in this first match of group D. Denmark was held by Tunisia (0-0), who could still snatch victory. The France team can therefore top their group on their own if they succeed tonight against Australia.Dane Pierre-Emile Hojberg wrestles with two Tunisian players on November 22, 2022 in Al-Rayyan.  (NATALIA KOLENIKOVA/AFP) (NATALIA KOLENIKOVA/AFP)

3:34 p.m : Time for a new news point :

• Emotions are still palpable after the killing of a public finance employee in Pas-de-Calais last night. The Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, has “asked that tomorrow, at noon, a tribute be given to all public finance services”.

• Accumulation of jobs, suspicions of conflict of interest … We summarize what we know about the accusations against Caroline Magne, former wife of the deputy LR Eric Ciotti, candidate for the presidency of his party.

End of orange alert for Haute-Corse and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Only Corse-du-Sud remains concerned through an orange alert due to the risk of strong winds.

What a sensation in Doha. The Saudis downed Argentina (2-1) after a heated match. Kick-off has been given for the second match of the day, where the Danes will face the Tunisians in group D, France.

1:45 p.m : Who will top Group D? Denmark and Tunisia meet at 2 pm for their entry into the running for this World Cup 2022. Semi-finalists of the last Euro a year and a half ago, the Danes start as favorites for this meeting. Dane Joakim Maehle, during a match between Denmark and France, on September 25, 2022 in Copenhagen.  (ULRIK PEDERSEN / NURPHOTO) (ULRIK PEDERSEN / NURPHOTO)

1:24 p.m : It’s time for our best, here are the contents you shouldn’t miss:

“We’re all pissed off.” Our journalist Thibaud Le Meneec explains to you why the return of Adrien Quatennens to the National Assembly is embarrassing to La France insoumise.

• Magistrates, lawyers and court clerks are called to action now against a “discount equity”. Our journalist Catherine Fournier looks back on the suffering of the magistrates’ work.

• He’s 54 years old… The chance to learn 54 things about Blues coach Didier Deschamps.

1:17 p.m : In Qatar, days pass and controversies gather as the World Cup kicks off. Spectators, mainly Welsh, were barred from entering for wearing rainbow clothes during the match between the United States and Wales at the Al-Rayyan stadium.A Wales fan wearing a rainbow hat at the entrance to Al-Rayyan stadium, November 21, 2002, before a World Cup match in Qatar.  (Screenshot of Newyddion S4C)

1:18 p.m : Big surprise in Doha. The Saudis downed Argentina (2-1) after a heated match. The Argentinians, favorites of the competition, started their World Cup with a largely poor performance. Saudi Saleh Al-Shehri scores the first goal for his selection at the 2022 World Cup on November 22, 2022. (ODD ANDERSEN / AFP) (ODD ANDERSEN/AFP)

12:23 p.m : We start this half day with two goals from Saudi Arabia against Argentina. Saleh Khalid Javier Al-Shehri equalized in the 49th minute. Then, almost four minutes later, Salem Mohammed Al-Dawsari scored a superb goal from a cross shot. Saudis lead 2-1 (60th). Lionel Messi scores his first goal of the 2022 World Cup against Saudi Arabia on November 22, 2022. (KEN SATOMI / YOMIURI) (KEN SATOMI / YOMIURI)

11:15 a.m : Lionel Messi opened the scoring for Argentina with a penalty (11th). The Saudis are behind 1-0.

11:01 a.m : This is the entry into Messi’s run in this world. Argentina will face Saudi Arabia in Group C. The game has just started.

08:20 : Another topic in several newspapers this morning, the Blues’ first World Cup match in Qatar. France will face Australia at 8 p.m.



07:35 : “I thought at times of this sentence by Nicolas Sarkozy about Chirac: ‘Everyone says he is very dumb and very nice. And he’s really wicked and brilliant!'”

Didier Deschamps doesn’t just have friends in French football. So ask David Ginola, the former PSG player, whose current coach is responsible for his non-selection for the 98 World Cup. If you want to know the brand of the first car and the identity of the successful singer near him, click here.

07:26 : When he was young, Didier Deschamps got a taste of several sports: rugby, handball, basketball, long jump and even Basque pelota. He also became fond of woodcock or pigeon hunting.

07:23 : Didier Deschamps, who has always symbolized the “culture of winning”, is playing his third World Cup at the head of the French team. He is aiming for a third world title, he who already has two stars, one as a player and the other as a coach. Here are 54 things, 54 as his number of years, to know about what Aimé Jacquet dubbed “Three apples”.

The coach of the France team, Didier Deschamps, during the match against Germany in Euro, June 15, 2021 in Munich.  (FRANK FIFE / AFP) (FRANK FIFE / AFP)

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