And finally, Hive Social is the good alternative to Twitter: we tell you everything

Elon Musk’s entry into Twitter and his erratic decisions are scaring all Twitter users at… Hive Social!?

Everyone knows the “party” organized by Elon Musk as soon as he got his latest whim, the social network Twitter, which in a few days lost 90% of its technicians and engineers after the ultimatum of the new boss , who had, moreover, dismissed all the former managers of the company on his first day.

Moreover, Elon’s media circus does not stop at his Twitter account, where new changes in policies and strategies are reported every day, doubting users, advertisers and partners, which has accelerated the mass exodus. which users on some alternatives like Mastodon. , Plurk or Reddit, mainly.

social nest

Many Twitter users fly on this social network, a kind of hybrid between Instagram and Twitter itself.

In any case, there seems to be one name among the big winners after the collapse of Twitter, which temporarily or permanently loses users at a very fast pace, giving way to one of the youngest social networks, Hive Social, a hybrid between Instagram and Twitter seem to be good alternatives.

You can find many more details about Hive Social on its official website, and although today we are going to tell you the most interesting thing about an application that most of you probably don’t know, we leave you its free download link on google play here. :

Download Hive Social (Free) @ Google Play Store

You put Twitter and Instagram in a shaker, turn it on, mix well, and you have Hive Social.

With about 3 years of experience and so far relatively relative success, the truth is that Hive is one of the youngest social networks with the greatest potential of all available, even its impact on the media and the base of its users do not live up to. its potential.

And yes friends, this hybrid concept between Twitter and Instagram has everything to become a fashionable social network now that Twitter is out of favor.

The first thing is that, unlike Mastodon, entering Hive Social and creating an account is particularly easy, the ability to register in a few clicks and even with the possibility of choosing a connection directly to our Google account.

The next thing is to have a timeline and start following users, something that will be as simple as setting our username, choosing a public name and picture from our profile, and answering a survey. interests that will allow Hive’s algorithm to automatically select content related to our tastes to fill the first steps within the platform with a stroke of the pen.

social nest

This is how profiles are displayed on Hive Social.

Either way, there’s one thing here that makes the Twitter experience better and that’s our media content, which blends the Instagram experience with a similar interface that orders our profile based on photos and videos and not just text messages and links.

Not only that, and we’ll be able to show videos or play music when someone accesses our user profile, giving it more depth and personalization, extending the smoother Twitter experience by a part and simplifying Instagram options on the other hand, now on a smaller, less corseted platform and certainly with less posturing.

Over the past few hours and days, I’ve been seeing users on my Twitter timeline announcing their move to Hive Social, so they’ve gone from about a 50,000 user base to nearly a million active accounts in the past few hours, which is increasing. growth that obviously and due to the limitations of the platform itself is not without its issues as resources are quickly up and running to welcome so many new people.

social nest

Hive Social’s main credentials are ease of access and zero learning curve.

That in Hive you will have posts with messages and multimedia content in a very simple and fast way, in addition to choosing and customizing themes that will offer us automatically generated content according to our interests.

We do not know if Twitter will be forever or just a mirage, and it is that we are facing the most influential media platform, something that does not die easily. It and those alternatives like Hive or Mastodon still have very few users, and the change will surely take away many of our favorite Twitter accounts and users.

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