What are the benefits of wage portage?

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Faced with a redefinition of the labor market marked by the rise of self-employed workers and work flexibility, the wage portage is on its way to becoming essential. Wages, rights, opportunities: discover the advantages of wage portage to ensure and develop your activity in local, border and national markets!

A solution adapted to local realities

According to the regional employment-training dashboard published by Oref (Regional employment-training observatory) on October 5, the number of self-employed workers increased by 1.6% in Grand-Est in just one year, against 0.7 % in the rest of France. This rate, added to the lower increase in the number of employees (+1.8%, against +2.4% at the national level) shows a very clear development of self-employed workers at the local level.

This increase in self-employed workers, confirmed by the INSEE economic trend chart published at the end of October, was also accompanied by a marked decrease in business creation (-5.7%) and an increase in their failures (52.9 %) in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

A situation that reinforces the idea that wages portage to Nancysuch as in Metz or Thionville, is a necessary and suitable solution for all freelancers who want to maintain their activity.

A win-win status

Changing forms of work have forced companies to outsource their tasks and many workers to switch from telecommuting to freelance work. If self-employment has become the most common method because of its simplicity and its freedom, the self-employed worker does not contribute and therefore cannot claim any rights. In a context where flexibility and insecurity become the rule, wage portage on the contrary is a reliable and encouraging status where every contracting party is a winner.

Opting for wage portage means maintaining your business independence while benefiting from the rights of unemployed employees, social security, retirement, as well as CPF (Professional Training Account). Thus, you combine the advantages of both statuses, namely autonomy and security, without their disadvantages. You can deduct your costs, reclaim your VAT, and your turnover, increased by greater efficiency and reliability, is no longer limited.

By becoming an employee of a recognized umbrella company like ITG, on a permanent or fixed contract, you will get a status without further formalities. On the contrary, you free yourself from administrative, legislative and accounting management to devote yourself to your core business. The company edits the contracts, invoices the client and pays you after deducting its commission. This tripartite and transparent contract guarantees each contracting party against errors and non-payment.

A way to build your client portfolio

The Grand Est and its large cities show both a strong demand for skilled labor in many sectors that are highly conducive to the self-employed, and the number of cross-border workers is almost as high. A situation that makes Nancy a city with an ideal location, 1h30 from Paris or Saarbrücken. Adapted to all sectors such as working abroad and the digital sector, the wage portage offered by ITG is here a tailor-made and very promising solution.

Even if your work is done remotely and in the digital realm, building a network is essential to building your clientele. This often happens through close entourage, personal or professional, and through recommendations and word of mouth. In wage portage, this approach is encouraged by participation in events and workshops within a wide network of consultants who share their experience and expertise, help each other and collaborate.

Reliable and accessible, wage portage brings meaning, rights and relationships back to the heart of your business, in a context and way of working where you can quickly find yourself isolated and overwhelmed, and decide to give up if not you will do unaccompanied. In Nancy, you can contact Nathalie Bardout, Grand Est Regional Delegate, through the number or link indicated on the ITG website, to check if your area of ​​expertise matches the market and finally become an employee following a personalized interview.

French leader in wage portage in the field of expertise and consulting, ITG was created in 1996 to support the self-employed, young graduates and executives in transition. A reputable company, certified and member of PEPS (Salary Portage Union), it has already supported more than 50,000 self-employed people. With a unique service platform and digital system and around fifty offices across France, ITG brings life and steady growth to your business.

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