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Volkswagen family ID.

In a difficult time for the automotive market, Volkswagen France has held its own. Last year, business orders returned to momentum after suffering from the health crisis in 2020. In fact, the portfolio increased by 2% in 2021 compared to 2019, the last year of record for the manufacturer on the market. segment of companies, administration and long-term rental companies. Compared to 2020, a declining year, 2021 recorded a real leap forward with order intake increasing by 51%. Professional customers remain loyal to Volkswagen, whose vehicles, support and commercial conditions have won them over.

Electric and thermal

Multifactorial, Volkswagen’s success has been reinforced year after year but is accelerating today thanks to a strategy in which each energy finds its raison d’être. By 2022, the automaker is counting on a full range of electric vehicles. With ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5, companies can enrich their car policy with low-emission models with ranges of up to 520 km (WLTP). Compact sedan (ID.3), family SUV (ID.4), urban coupe SUV (ID.5), utility vehicle with iconic design (ID.Buzz), Volkswagen uses a wide range of models without carbon to support companies in their dynamic transition.

Volkswagen may have renamed itself “Voltswagen”. But the brand also implements thermal technologies and includes hybrid and rechargeable hybrid models in its catalog. “To each of our customers, we are able to offer the best solution at the best value and with the lowest environmental footprint,” explains Olivier Dupont, Head of Corporate Sales.

And at the beginning of the year, Volkswagen remains on the offensive on the thermal front. The brand’s first urban coupé SUV, the Taigo shakes up its segment with its unique styling and rich equipment. For its part, the T-Roc returns in a new version with an updated design and equipped with driving aids and latest generation digital services.

Volkswagen ID.3
Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.  Buzz
Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The right car at the right time

The various technologies and models developed allow for completeness. Without being dogmatic and directing the choice of consumers towards one energy over another, Volkswagen starts from the use to recommend the most suitable technology. Whatever the company chooses, brand sales consultants accompany it throughout the deployment.

Volkswagen also ensures that its vehicles maintain their quality as management tools. The car should value the employee and give him satisfaction every day. “Along with the economic dimension of vehicles, the human aspect must be taken into account to support HR departments,” emphasizes Olivier Dupont.

The increase in taxation or the development of ZFE-m (low emission-mobility zones) are additional arguments in favor of Volkswagen. With different energies offered across all segments, the brand responds to demand with the right product at the right time. “Our mission is to provide tailored solutions to create value for our customers, while putting people at the heart of relationships,” said Olivier Dupont. This value creation dramatically involves a competitive TCO.

Olivier Dupont, head of corporate sales
Olivier Dupont, head of corporate sales

Outstanding competitive prices

Volkswagen also stands out for its outstanding values, which make its models attractive to rent. The design, the generosity in terms of equipment, the quality of the finishes and the advanced technologies ensure a quick resale and a high price on the used car market. Thermally tested for many years, this advantage is also at the rendezvous in the power range. Control over discount and resale levels consolidates this asset.

Thanks to this strategy and beyond short-term commercial successes, Volkswagen aims to establish long-term relationships with its customers. “We grow together, Olivier Dupont will develop. In long-term relationships, we build a common history. In a complex environment, we find solutions to bring about tranquility. This profession of faith can be seen in the facts because , by the end of March, Volkswagen had already renewed all its contracts.

maja rakovic

We don’t just sell low-emission or 100% electric models, we also support companies at every stage of electrification of their fleet to offer them solutions tailored to their needs. In addition to the financial aspect with a complete TCO analysis, in collaboration with our network, we offer a tailored service consisting of an analysis of the customer’s fleet to identify users who qualify for electric vehicles. The goal is to offer the best energy for the best use. An electric car should not constitute an obstacle in the life of the employee, but be synonymous with driving pleasure in harmony with his professional and personal life, without forgetting the optimization of the cost of use for the company. The Volkswagen network is there to create value for our professional customers. »

“What energy for what use? Are my employees electro-compatible? Where to recharge your electric car? Are there purchase subsidies? What taxation for new energies? More and more companies want to adapt mobility of their employees on environmental issues.
But this change also raises many questions. The Volkswagen Professionals network offers personalized support with advisors and services tailored to professionals.

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