Heat in Europe, cold in the United States, floods in Australia, worldwide weather news for October 20, 2022 10/20/2022


On the fringes of a broad low pressure system located in the Atlantic, a marked and somewhat unusual heat stroke for the season has affected a large western part of Europe since mid-October. Temperatures were actually 14-15°C above normal for the season from Spain to Austria via France.

Maximum temperature anomaly in Europe on the day of October 18, 2022
– Copernicus

This unusual heat is sometimes recorded, whether in France or the Iberian Peninsula. In fact we were able to raise the 35.8°C on October 18 in Loja in Spain or even 35.1°C in Granada (new monthly record)

On the edge of warm and global anticyclonic weather, severe storm circle the South of the continent in the middle of the month, particularly the South of Italy and the South of Greece. In Italy, these storms are caused sometimes significant flooding between Campania, Calabria and Sicily between October 13 and 14. Noticeable damage was observed in the most affected areas.

Heavy damage following a violent storm in Tortora in Calabria on the night of October 13 to 14, 2022 – Via Twitter @calabriaonline

Strong storm systems have moved in Crete in Greece the next day, also building there major flooding. The accumulations are in fact locally exceeded 300mm in 24h on the island with a lot of damage to the keys. Unfortunately, 2 victims are regretted in the region following this bad weather.

Extensive damage following a flash flood in North Crete on October 15, 2022 – Via Twitter @weatheralert15

Instability also affected the eastern Mediterranean basin during the same period some waterspouts watched under the rain. In Cyprus, one of them ran aground inland, causing great fear among bathers found on the beaches in the area.

Waterspout washing up on the beaches of Cyprus on October 17, 2022 – Via Twitter @LuxuryLetsCy

America :

If heat reigns over much of Europe in mid-October 2022, it will be the opposite freshness or even cold which makes news between Canada and the United States. The cold flow coming from the North of the continent actually affects a large central and eastern part of North America with temperatures found below normal for the season.

For example, we mentioned negative temperature anomalies greater than 25/30°F in the Eastern United States on October 18!

Temperature anomalies (in °F) in the United States for the day of October 18, 2022 – Weathermodels.com

This cold flow brought early snowfall to the Northern United States and Central Canada at times several tens of centimeters are raised in a few hours between Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin in particular.

Occasionally over 30-40cm of snow in Michigan on October 18, 2022 – Via mlive.com

On the contrary, it is in contrast to the heat that spoke about it in the West of the continent with temperatures that were above normal between the West of Canada and the North-West of the United States during the same period. For example, we were able to raise up to 31°C on October 16 in Seattle in the state of washington, or 14°F above the previous record heat of the city for the second ten days of October!

Many forest fires also occur in the reliefs of these regions, carries large amounts of smoke into the atmosphere and is therefore a very bad wind in the Northwestern United States and Southwestern Canada.

Satellite view of multiple wildfires in the Northwestern United States on October 17, 2022 -RAMMB

Hurricane activity has calmed down a bit in recent days after Hurricane Julia made landfall in Nicaragua on October 9th. Its remains are still coming major flooding in Mexico, especially in the Acapulco region.

Major flooding in Acapulco on October 12, 2022 – Via Twitter @meteovilles

On the Florida side, reconstruction continues after the massive hurricane Ian passed through 3 weeks ago that killed more than a hundred people. Although the Fort Myers region will take several years to recover from the storm’s passage, there are many projects to allow for a quick return to normal life.

The road to Sanibel Island after Ian’s passing and its rebuilding less than 3 weeks later – Photos via Florida Department of Transportation


Catastrophic floods continue in Nigeria this second decade of October and the toll gets heavier and heavier. At least there is 600 victims and more than 1.4 million people were evacuated because of the strange extent of the water. Considerable damage was also observed, both in terms of infrastructure and crops in the region.

Aerial view of massive floods affecting Nigeria for several weeks – The New York Times

These floods belong to the worst the country has known in recent decadesespecially because of their geographical extent, in fact, 27 of the country’s 36 regions are affected more or less strongly through them. Although the situation should gradually improve, there are still many concerns about the risk of famine in the coming months, as crops in the region have been severely affected.

If the weather is calmer and drier in the North of the continent, the heat is particularly marked for the weather on the Algerian side. Several monthly records have been broken in recent days with sometimes exceeding temperatures 40°C in the north of the country. In fact we were able to raise the 40.4°C at Oran on October 17 under a strong southerly flow at altitude, beating the previous monthly record by almost 3°C!

Examples of monthly maximums and records broken on October 17, 2022 in Algeria – Via Twitter @iyQnsbFSYr0luJE


Heavy rains caused flash flooding in the ‘Mal’ River in West Bengal on 6th October. This flood unfortunately swept away some people in their path and caused the drowning death of 8 residents of the sector.

Flash flooding of the Mal River in India that killed several people on October 6, 2022 – Via Zee News

Typhoon Nesat has been swirling between the northern Philippines and Vietnam for the past few days, particularly its cause heavy rain and strong wind. This one, however, has reaches its maximum intensity in mid-October in the China Sea before weakening as it approached Vietnam in the following days.

Typhoon Nesat in the China Sea on October 17, 2022 – Via the Met’Office

If the damage remains relatively limited in its path, stationary storm lines formed over the island of Taiwan located north of the storm track, sometimes causing severe flooding in the area.

Massive flooding on October 16 in Taiwan following heavy rains – Via Twitter @Focus_Taiwan


The rains continue to follow each other in Eastern Australia living one of the wettest years on record. Flooding is almost daily between the states of Victoria and New South Wales in particular, and this for several weeks.

Major flooding near Seymourd (Victoria) in Australia at the beginning of the week from October 17 to 23, 2022 – Via 9news.com

The Murray River, which separates part of the two states mentioned above has suffered for example a great flood following heavy rains in the last 10 days with many neighboring regions currently under water.

Murray River flood extent between Victoria and New South Wales this week of October 17-23, 2022 – Via Copernicus

If spring sets in and summer gradually arrives in the region, concern remains due to forecasts that remain very wet for the coming months in these sectors. New potentially catastrophic floods are indeed to be feared, especially in south-eastern Australia where the ground is fully saturated.


An impressive depression formed between October 16 and 17 in Antarctica with very low atmospheric pressure in its center. According to observations, atmospheric pressure actually dropped below 900 hPa on October 17 near Thurston Island, one of the lowest pressures ever observed in the area.

Satellite view of a very deep depression in Antarctica on October 17, 2022 -NASA

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