100€ discount on iPads, Galaxy Tab S7 and S8 for sale

BLACK FRIDAY TABLET. Apple iPads are getting big discounts this week, as are Samsung tablets. Discover the offers before Black Friday starts.

Promotions are now flowing across multiple touch pads. If Black Friday is held only this Friday, November 25, 2022, discounts are already applied to several products in this category by various merchants on the occasion of Black Friday Week preceding the commercial high mass at the end of November. So, Apple’s iPads already benefit from attractive discounts, as well as Samsung’s stars, whether the S7, S8 or A7 and A8. All other brands, such as Xiaomi, Lenovo or Huawei, are also seeing their tablets being sold at prices lower than what is usually charged. Offers are therefore available from major merchants, such as Amazon, Boulanger, Darty and even Fnac.

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It’s another clear leading brand in the digital tablet market on Black Friday: Apple and its iPads. For many years, the Apple brand has established itself as one of the market leaders and offers many models, the prices of which may vary depending on the model and its age. Here’s our pick of the best iPads:

It is one of the most popular brands for its touch tablets: Samsung offers a wide range for all wallets and all uses. New or old models, Black Friday is often synonymous with reduced prices on Samsung tablets. Here are some models:

In terms of touch pads, the Lenovo brand competes with intelligence to offer objects that attract through their design and their curves. But what is the best model? Here’s our pick:

The Chinese brand Xiaomi also offers a wide selection of touch tablets, adapted to different needs. On the occasion of Black Friday 2022 and the following days, several products are on sale. Here’s our pick:

The Chinese giant has also increased the touch pad reference brand. Also, for Huawei, the models are many and the prices vary from one digital slate to another. Here is a comparison of the best models on different sites:

Tablets are products that are often affected by Black Friday promotions. Beware of all the same false price reductions that some unscrupulous resellers sometimes do. Try to compare the different prices and discounts applied so as not to miss the real bargains. We will do our best to keep this article up to date for the duration of Black Friday.

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