How to increase your income on a recurring basis by becoming an affiliate?

Affiliate for publishers represents a real opportunity to monetize your site and your communication method in general. It is based on the principle of profit sharing, in other words you share the profits or part of the sale. The latter is carried out thanks to your care, it can be assimilated to the contribution of the business even if it can take other forms. Focus on a method that can become a recurring source of income for your business.

Different types of compensation

Before starting the adventure, a small principle to understand: there are different types of affiliates that do not work in the same way. Although we often consider that affiliate is related to sales, your income does not necessarily depend on it because it can be calculated according to a click, a lead or the filling of a form or even a cost per thousand said CPM of your page. In other words, your “role” can range from simply viewing, by clicking on a banner to filling out a form. Of course, the more you get to the final sale, the more likely the affiliate will pay off.

How to choose a formula?

It really depends on your participation and the confidence you have in selling the product concerned. If you are confident in your ability to convert your visitors into customers for the advertiser, you will likely implement a sales-based system. Just be sure of the seriousness of the advertiser because you can damage your brand awareness if he provides a bad product or service. The sales process often requires more work but is also more profitable. The more popular the product/service offered, the more influence your site has, the more interest you will have in implementing it. CPM often remains less profitable for obvious reasons when sales increase, especially if the products are expensive and your percentage per sale is high.

The different ways to affiliate

There are several ways to become an affiliate, you can become one directly by contacting the advertiser yourself and sometimes using the white label to promote companies. This last method allows you to redirect your visitors to a site that is not yours but has its “properties”. It is based on a relationship of trust with the advertiser because, for the visitor, he remains on your site even though the url address may make him understand that he is no longer there. It is often used for publishers to provide additional services or simply easy access to a product following the publication of an article on the topic.

You also cannot trade directly, and use affiliate platforms that find advertisers for you. The difficulty then often remains to verify that the advertisers are well suited to your visitors or that they offer high-quality services. The salary should also be looked at carefully as well as the attractiveness of the solution proposed by the service provider since the fee generally remains dependent on sales.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program Example

Some companies like Fiverr for example offer you Dynamic CPA up to $150 or $10 CPA + 10% Profit Share. You can choose your payment method. In this case, you have a choice between promoting Fiverr (the freelance services platform for companies, Marketing, design, web development), Fiverr Pro (for companies that want to work with approved service providers ) or even Fiverr E-Learning (an educational platform. ). In the selected example, Fiverr offers to pay for each new client, unlimited referrals, lifetime attribution, professional support with tutorials and dedicated affiliate manager, tables to follow up and manage your campaign as well as marketing resources.

A match to make

What should be understood in affiliate is first of all that the more sensitive your readers are to the topic, the more likely they are to click, fill out forms or even buy the products offered. Therefore it is a relation of relation. More than simple networking, matching interested people who come specifically to an article with the products you offer therefore remains a good practice. Therefore, it is understandable that many publishers go through platforms to perform this complex operation because it is a question of matching the editorial line with the product presented.

Yes but how to promote?

To promote a product/service, all strategies are at your disposal. Of course, you can do this through a banner but there are other possibilities such as placing a link in an article. Some publishers, in order to maximize sales, do not hesitate to create specific articles. This is especially true if you know the benefits of the product in question and specifically want to promote it. If we often think about articles, the promotion can be more, for example in your newsletters or emailing. A method to dig, if you have influence.

Note that the platform has affiliate experts who can help you better set up your affiliation by helping you, for example, create content, banners, etc. Learn more about Fiverr affiliation

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