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Volkswagen is progressing at a great pace in electrifying its vehicles. Despite supply difficulties slowing down production, it is making dazzling progress in this area. Worldwide, Volkswagen ID sales. is a year ahead of brand forecasts. By surpassing the milestone of 500,000 deliveries, it has just reached a new milestone in the execution of its strategy. Speed ​​up. A strategy that should allow it to become a supplier of zero-emission mobility, focused on software. A strategy that is proving to be a winner and which Volkswagen intends to strengthen in the coming years. A success largely due to the use of the MEB platform specially designed for electric vehicles.

Half a million models were delivered

Since the first ID.3 models, which were delivered to customers in October 2020, Volkswagen has delivered 500,000 vehicles from the ID range. A range that expands and now includes 4 vehicles: ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID.6 (not sold in Europe). For the brand, this success shows that its customers around the world give a warm welcome to its electric vehicles. The future also looks bright as Volkswagen’s order book is always full. It is currently backlogged with 135,000 orders for ID models, an increase of 65% compared to 2021. Continued difficulties in the supply of parts are forcing the brand to regularly adjust its production. Despite this restriction, Volkswagen nevertheless tries to make every effort to deliver to its customers as soon as possible.

A winning strategy

Today, Volkswagen’s strategy around electromobility seems to be on the right track and proving to be a winner. Its goal remains to make it the most attractive brand in the sustainable mobility market. To achieve this, Volkswagen aims to further accelerate its roadmap. So, it will sell 10 new electric models by 2026. Enough to offer the widest portfolio of electric vehicles on the market. A portfolio from entry-level models, below 25,000 euros, to its new flagship, the Aero B. From 2033, Volkswagen will only produce electric cars in Europe. By 2030, 100% electric models should represent 70% of the sales volume in this market. In the United States and China, the manufacturer aims for more than 50% of electric vehicles for the same period.

The MEB platform, the technical base of the ID range.

The MEB electric modular platform forms the backbone of Volkswagen’s electromobility strategy. It is the technical basis for all electric and fully connected vehicles in the ID range. Specifically designed for Volkswagen’s electric drive system, this vehicle’s architecture allows for a long range. It also offers a spacious interior and software updates” above the air “. Applicable to vehicles of various segments throughout the Volkswagen Group, the MEB platform reduces the costs of electromobility. On the other hand, in accordance with the rules of ” Design for Manufacturing », it allows a fast and efficient production. As a result, it generates huge economies of scale. This lowers the price of electric cars to make them more affordable for more people.

Customer feedback is taken into account

The ID range. is also a pioneer in the field of software integration and digital experience. Volkswagen provides drivers with constant updates. above the air “. Thus, the vehicle benefits from the latest innovations throughout its life cycle. Thanks to this principle, Volkswagen is also able to quickly transform customer feedback into new functions. New functions that contribute to improvement of the vehicle. A more conclusive experience in the last few months. This has led, for example, to an increase in the charging capacity or to a display of the battery capacity on the driver’s display. These improvements and the consideration -consideration of customer feedback greatly contributes to the commercial success of the Volkswagen ID range.

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