Elon Musk asked Twitter users if Donald Trump would be reinstated

The new boss of Twitter launched a poll on Friday night on his personal account. More than 8 million users have already voted, with an advance for the return of the former American president to his favorite former social network.

Elon Musk, owner and boss of Twitter for three weeks, announced on Friday (November 18) that some suspended user accounts have been reinstated on the platform, but he has “Trump hasn’t made a decision yet“. The boss of Tesla, who says he defends an absolutist view of freedom of expression, is expected to turn about the former American president, who was banned from the social network for urging his supporters before the attack on the Capitol in January 2021.

On Friday night, Musk launched a poll in a tweet, in relatively calm language: “Bring back former President Trump”, followed by the option to vote yes or no. Saturday morning, at 11 am Paris time and 5 am West Coast time, more than 8 million people had voted. In the temporary lead for the return to Donald Trump (52.7% against 47.3%). The Tesla and SpaceX boss is excited about the popularity of his poll, saying there are “1 million votes per hour“.

However, the humble billionaire did not specify if this was a simple consultation for opinion or if he intended to line up with the Twittos vote. In another tweet, however, he wrote, in Latin: “The voice of the people is the voice of God.” Donald Trump, who likes to use Twitter as a mouthpiece, is followed by more than 88 million subscribers.

“The politics of the new Twitter is freedom of expression, not freedom to achieve” the public, Elon Musk explained on his Twitter account. “Negative or hateful tweets will be downgraded and demonetized, so there will be no back-to-back ads or other revenue for Twitter. You won’t find these tweets unless you specifically look for it, which is no different from the rest of the internet.”, he added. Twitter seems to have fallen into an unprecedented crisis on Friday, after hundreds of the group’s employees, who survived the first massive wave of layoffs two weeks ago, decided to leave in response to an ultimatum from multi-billionaire.

Elon Musk has also faced concern and criticism from advertisers, analysts and elected officials after many conflicting decisions and positions on the important topic of content moderation. The accounts he brought back on Friday – Kathy Griffin, Jordan Peterson and Babylon Bee – are close to the American left or right. Comedian Kathy Griffin, who has two million subscribers, was suspended from the platform last week, as were other internet users who changed their username to “Elon Muskto make fun of the new boss. He also changed his profile picture to an image of the billionaire.

The influence of Elon Musk’s ex-wife

“Twitter accounts impersonating someone else, without clearly stating it’s a parody, will be permanently suspended”, said Elon Musk. Accused of defending freedom of expression unless she is the target of jokes, she also poked fun at Kathy Griffin, tweeting: “In fact, he was suspended for impersonating a comedian”.

The Babylon Beeis a conservative-leaning American satirical site, which was suspended from Twitter in March for violating hate speech rules, after tweeting about Rachel Levine, a transgender pediatrician in Joe Biden’s administration. According to Bloomberg, Elon Musk’s ex-wife, Talulah Riley, texted him in the spring, before he announced his plan to acquire the social network, to protest the suspension of Babylon Bee and trick him into buying Twitter to delete or restore it. “radically pro freedom of expression”.

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