Dacia has launched its range of environmentally responsible derivative products

The Dacia accessories catalog is expanding with new products intended for owners! The manufacturer launched its first eco-designed collection consisting of 4 items (parka, cap, backpack and water bottle). It is delivered to the dealership in a recycled and recyclable cardboard display.

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Dacia presented its first collection of eco-designed products.


Dacia is a stylish manufacturer, and we’re not just talking about its cars! On the occasion of the Paris Motor Show, the Romanian brand released the first range of derivative products, which are mainly composed of recycled materials. It comes with a backpack, cap, raincoat and water bottle. Florian Pitout, Dacia Brand Activation Manager, explained that it took almost a year to develop this offer, which was not made at the request of customers, or even dealers. ” We want to satisfy customers in a way other than buying a car “Florian explained which” the desire is not to make basic and easy derivative products “. Real thought has gone into developing items that reflect the image of the brand: stable, durable, authentic and at attractive prices. They start at €18 and do not exceed €129 for the parka , the most expensive item in the catalogue.

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Dacia previewed its range of derivative products at the 2022 Paris Motor Show.

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Eco-designed products

The collection consists of articles on eRTP, the recycled plastic bottle, recycled polycotton or aluminum for the water bottle. A limited number of items will be produced. ” In our business model, our aim is not to over-produce. Therefore, we will sell certain quantities to our dealers (our main distribution network), and we will produce some additional units for our online sales platform. “. The Dacia Brand Activation Manager is clear:

When the stock runs out, we will simply replace the collection.

This renewal also allows, according to Dacia, to strengthen the offer. So customers don’t get bored. ” You buy a parka, you don’t buy the same one in purple or khaki, a year later… The goal is to play with complementary products explained Florian Pitout.

An online store with less energy

Beyond the creation of articles, Dacia pushed its reflection up to the way of distributing its products and planting them in concessions. ” We have created a marketing model that is in line with the brand’s values ​​and positioning explained Florian Pitout who, with the help of his teams, developed a centralized purchasing platform. Interest? Reduce carbon impact by limiting the number of servers used. The manufacturer also ensured that its e-shop has minimum images, few pages and no videos.

A recycled and recyclable display

At dealerships, Dacia offers a turnkey offer to its dealers. ” Their main job is not to sell raincoats or caps, explains Florian Pitout. Sales reps don’t know which sizes to choose or the perfect amount of product “. That’s why the builder teams came up with a piece of recycled (and recyclable) cardboard furniture in the form of an easily moveable and portable box.

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dacia cardboard display

Dacia has developed a cardboard display system that dealers simply need to open and install at their point of sale. No need for a showcase.


It already contains articles in different sizes. ” Distribution networks don’t need to bother. They receive a relatively small amount that should flow easily “. Dacia has thought of everything, as there are cardboard hangers and an anti-theft system integrated into the box. Over the weeks, dealerships may choose to restock, one at a time, depending on availability of course. When the stock runs out, all you have to do is throw the box away. Ended forcing the showcase into regular dust. With the launch of the second collection, the products will come in a new box. What also makes logistics easier! As for the goals, Dacia does not give any numbers but it says that it has exceeded all its goals “ only by pre-orders from our dealers »

By-products to take risks?

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dacia jogger van

Dacia will likely launch in 2023 a range of accessories to turn the Jogger into a van.


In total, 1,200 points of sale will receive a range of Dacia derivative products. Offer that can soon be enriched with articles related to outdoor activities. ” This is an axis we are studying, explains the Brand Activation Manager, but it is too early to give you details. “. Let’s remember that last October, Dacia showed us the outline of a prototype intended to turn the Jogger into a mini-camping car. The wooden box that will be placed in the trunk is accompanied by a set of accessories, tents or camping chairs, which will have their place in the catalog of derivative products. To be continued…


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