In the spotlight, panic over the future of social network Twitter

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Twitter’s problems are in the headlines around the world: panic about the future of the social network is being talked about everywhere.

Twitter threatened with extinction?

In Asia, the China Daily title in ” the mass exodus of workers “, The Japan Times pondering life after Twitter. In Europe, la Repubblica guess that” Social network safety is at risk ” and the Guardian Its readers are simply advised to print out all their tweets and put them in a box if they wish to keep them. Of course, in the United States the press is the most supportive on the subject. The New York Times remember that in addition to the internal challenges facing the company, Twitter is at risk of a federal investigation: it was requested yesterday by seven Democratic senators who are thinking about violations of the privacy protection of Internet users, following changes in the internal user data management policy. The Washington post delivers for its part the testimonies of employees who left the ship. ” I know of six important services that no longer have engineers said one of them, and he warned, ” There is no longer even a skeletal team to run the system. It will continue along the coast until it encounters something, and then it will stop. The American daily also reported that yesterday (Thursday) night, a pirate projection was arranged in front of the Twitter site in San Francisco. Elon Musk has been called ” worthless billionaire “, of “ bankruptcy baby “of” supreme parasite ”, among other names of birds.

Meta Dysfunctions

But among Tech giants, Twitter isn’t the only one in trouble. The wall street journal reveals major dysfunctions within Meta, Facebook’s parent company. ” Meta employees were fired for hijacking user accounts headline in the newspaper, explaining that the security guards responsible for monitoring the Meta site had access to the internal mechanisms of the platform, designed to help users who, for example, have forgotten their passwords or the accounts have been hacked. ” Some of them have accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from hackers in exchange for access to internet users’ accounts » details of wall street journal which states ” Many users rely on social media to do business, and having control over their Facebook or Instagram accounts can be beneficial. Access to these accounts can sell for tens of thousands of dollars in online forums “. And the daily cited the example of a model whose Instagram account was stolen. She paid $7,000 to an intermediary who contacted a Meta employee to get her 650,000 subscribers back. ” Firing these unscrupulous employees illustrates a fundamental problem “newspaper ending” Meta has three billion users on its platforms, but almost no customer service. »

the management of the cryptocurrency giant FTX: an unprecedented disaster

The press also returns to the bankruptcy of the giant crypto-currencies FTX, which left more than a million confused users, who are not sure that one day they will see their funds again. The website Bloomberg released a court document filed Thursday in a Delaware bankruptcy court. It contains a review by John Ray, the platform’s new boss, and it’s scathing: ” In my career “, he declared, ” I have never seen such a complete failure of a company’s control mechanisms and such a blatant lack of reliable financial information And John Ray, who has overseen many corporate restructurings, continues: from the compromised integrity of systems to the concentration of control in the hands of a very small group of inexperienced individuals, this situation is an unprecedented disaster .” This bloody verdict does not stop the former FTX boss from continuing to speak out. From the Bahamas, Samuel Bankman Fried gave an interview to the site Vox. He admitted that he made a mistake and regrets declaring his company bankrupt” if I didn’t I could raise funds and fully pay my clients within a month “, he assures with pride that does not lie when he further affirms “theUS regulators fucked up. They do not protect consumers “. In Spain, El País also returns to this case in an editorial but ends in the opposite way ” Regulation is an imperfect but necessary tool. The crypto market relies on infrastructure designed specifically to protect it from surveillance. To be a legitimate cog in the financial machine, it must emerge from obscurity. »

The crash of the Ticketmaster online sales platform

Finally, the last online skid of the day, that of the Ticketmaster online sales platform. The sale of tickets for the concerts of Taylor Swift, an American pop superstar was scheduled for Friday, and it was canceled by TicketMaster. The music industry’s top seller saw a record number of online bookings, citing ” an insufficient stock of tickets to meet them “Explain The Times in London. The boss of the platform justifies himself to CNBC: ” demand could fill 900 stadiums, it exceeded all our forecasts. This mess provoked criticism of the company The Times recalling that American senators have expressed concern about its monopoly situation.

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