I buy, I don’t buy? Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro 5, the premium watch for athletes

With its many features dedicated to sport and health, its AMOLED screen and its durability, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro stands out as one of the best references on the market.

Samsung has renewed its range of connected watches in the summer of 2022. And with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the South Korean manufacturer is entering the sports-oriented segment. At the top of the range, this model provides complete health monitoring, thanks to its many features and more advanced capabilities compared to its classic version, the Galaxy Watch 5. The 5 Pro version also responds to one of main complaints leveled against the Galaxy Watch 4: its autonomy.

Its advantages

Excellent finishes and a resistant design

Intended for the public that loves sports and advanced features, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro exudes a sober and elegant design. The watch is particularly resistant. Its titanium case, waterproof up to 50 meters, and the glass, made up of sapphire crystals that protect the screen, guarantee optimal protection against drops and scratches.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro 5 is a well-built smartwatch.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro 5 is a well-built smartwatch. © BFM TV – Tech&Co

The 1.5-inch Super AMOLED display delivers pristine viewing quality day or night. Its brightness is more than enough and it displays vibrant colors. The screen also benefits from an “always on” mode and a fairly effective light sensor.

Simple and intuitive navigation

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is powered by Wear OS 3.5 operating system and One UI Watch GUI version 4.5. Result: Navigating through settings and apps is seamless and the touchscreen is responsive. Sliding a finger right around the dial also allows you to navigate more quickly from one menu to another.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.
The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. © Louis Mbembes – Tech&Co

Samsung’s touch is also decorated with two physical buttons on its right side: one serves as the “Home” button, the other is for backspace. The latter can be configured to launch multitasking and consult the list of recently opened applications. The interface is also highly customizable with multiple dials available for download on the Galaxy Store and the Play Store.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro buttons
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro buttons © Louis Mbembe – Tech&Co

The Galaxy Wearable app, which is unfortunately not available on iOS, is required to use the watch. It is used for updates, to customize the dial or to receive notifications on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Settings menus in the Galaxy Wearable app.
Settings menus in the Galaxy Wearable app. © BFM TV – Tech & Co

There are many features dedicated to health and sports

Samsung’s connected watch comes with tons of sensors dedicated to health monitoring: monitoring heart rate, blood pressure and even body composition. A fairly comprehensive sleep tracking app is also available. The sensors are capable of measuring the number of steps or performing an electrocardiogram.

As far as sports tracking goes, about a hundred activities, from running to skiing, allow you to train. Access to the Play Store is a big plus for downloading new apps. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also offers some exclusive features such as route tracking and the ability to import GPX files.

Samsung's smartwatch has a lot of sports tracking features.
Samsung’s smartwatch has a lot of sports tracking features. © Louis Mbembe – Tech&Co

Significantly improved autonomy

This is one of the main defects of the Galaxy Watch 4. The 2022 version receives a 590 mAh battery and, in fact, the autonomy has improved: two days of intensive use (receiving notifications, calls , sports sessions , etc.), three days by disabling certain features: always on screen, WiFi, various detectors, etc.

Our reserves

ECG and blood pressure monitor functions are reserved for Samsung smartphones

Samsung smartphone owners can make the most of this connected watch without any problems. But holders of Android smartphones from other brands will be denied access to certain functions such as electrocardiogram or blood pressure measurement. For their part, iOS or HarmonyOS users cannot interact with the watch.

A perfect bracelet

The black silicone strap that comes with the case isn’t particularly comfortable. While this keeps the watch securely in place on the wrist, the clasp is not easy to adjust. However, it is possible to purchase another bracelet from a third-party merchant. The watch as a whole is also quite thick and quite heavy.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offers great performance, new features for outdoor athletes (route tracking) and a fairly competitive price for its high-end positioning. If this Pro version also offers more correct autonomy than the classic model, some drawbacks, such as the somewhat approximate GPS tracking and the lack of iOS and HarmonyOS compatibility, slightly spoil the picture. Available at a price of 469 euros, however, it remains the perfect connected watch for Samsung smartphone users.

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