Twitter: Musk has delayed the launch of Twitter Blue until November 29

Posted on Nov 16, 2022, 8:14 amUpdated on Nov. 16, 2022, 8:37 am

This time, Elon Musk wanted to bide his time. The new boss of Twitter, launched early in the redesign of the social network he acquired at the end of October, announced on Tuesday that the launch of the new paid subscription Twitter Blue, which will take place this weekend, is finally will be postponed. until November 29. “To make sure it’s concrete,” he explained in a tweet.

The new Twitter Blue, like the old one, will provide access to additional options compared to the free services already offered by the platform. But Elon Musk added the authentication service here which was previously free for well-known organizations and people. In its new version, the Twitter Blue subscription will allow all users to get the little blue tick, regardless of their popularity. On the condition of paying 8 dollars per month.

From Joe Biden to LeBron James

This new Twitter Blue formula was activated a week ago on iPhones and ended in bitter disappointment for Elon Musk. Within forty-eight hours, pranksters used it to create fake accounts associated with celebrities, such as Joe Biden or LeBron James. Companies are no exception, such as pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly whose fake account with a blue tick announced that insulin is now free. The company, which lost several billion dollars in value after this story, had to apologize publicly.

Last Friday, the ability to subscribe to Twitter Blue disappeared, and an internal memo, published by several US media, said the service was suspended “to address impersonation issues”. In the version that will be launched on November 29, “any name change will cause the loss of the blue tick until the Twitter name is verified”, promised Elon Musk, who caught fake accounts on the platform with his workhorse.

The billionaire also pointed out that, in the coming months, people who didn’t subscribe will lose their blue tick if they got it for free.

Keep getting fired

Reflecting the chaos that has reigned within the company since its new leader fired half the workforce, the group also had to explain the implementation, like chaos, of a new gray “Official” badge for prominent accounts. Last Wednesday, Elon Musk ordered that he would remove this new label, before the director of development products Esther Crawford intervened to explain that the badge was, initially, reserved for those government and organization. This added some technical issues, such as replies in a message thread not being displayed correctly.

Despite this accumulation of problems that are beginning to scare advertisers, Elon Musk remains in his positions, justifying his management strategy by the economic situation of the social network that he considers ” disastrous”. The layoffs continued this week. An engineer was thanked for a tweet by the boss of Tesla after public questioning of the statements of the eccentric leader, who considers himself the ultimate defender of freedom of expression.

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