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We announced it to you yesterday, Dacias have finally changed their logo. But the change doesn’t stop there. Like Renault, Dacia revised its finishes and opted for English-sounding names. There are also evolutions in the engine range: some temporary, another permanent. Finally, the prices were changed… to increase (you never guessed one, especially if the context!). Here’s what to remember!

From left to right, the Dacia Jogger, Sandero Stepway, Duster, Spring, Sandero and Logan.© Dacia

GPL versions are temporarily unavailable except for the Jogger, new more powerful engine for the Sandero Stepway

Let’s remember that first no more Dacia models can be ordered with an LPG engine, except for the Jogger that the scope is very small without it. It’s a shame just a few weeks after the brand held a conference on the importance of bi-fuel within the range. The reason is shortage, one of the equipment manufacturers is out of stock. It is not yet known when the situation will return to normal. There is also no sign of Duster 4×4, but it is not a problem with delivery, just approval, it will be back in the catalog in July. Finally, the Sandero Stepway (and not the “very short”, unraised Sandero) is the second Dacia model to benefit from the new 3-cylinder 1.0 turbo petrol engine with direct injection of 110 hp and 200 Nm of torque inaugurated by Jogger. Some will certainly appreciate it, even if it comes at a price (but we’ll get back to that).

A new range of finishes and rising prices

Dacia has also revamped its range of finishes. Spring has only two called Essential (English Style, and no longer Essential) and Expression. As standard, the electric city car is always well equipped with manual air conditioning, electric front and rear windows or even automatic lighting of the headlights. This is fortunate given the price which still rises by €510. At launch, the Spring costs €2,810 less! Including the CO2 bonus, its price drops to €14,454.

Same range of finishes for Sandero and Sandero Stepway, with the latter still adding Expression+ or UP&GO livery. Rich in equipment, it is based on the Expression version and also includes automatic air conditioning, hands-free card or electric parking brake. Above all, Dacia promises a reasonable delivery time. An attractive proposition on paper, but beware, shown at €18,350, which starts big for a Sandero, even if it is the elevated version and it benefits from the new 110 hp 1.0 3-cylinder petrol engine with direct injection, which we announce to you exclusively coming from last September. Not so long ago, the city car barely crossed the €15,000 mark at worst…

The Duster could also benefit from a UP&GO version with reduced delivery time. But the LPG has been passed through the hatch (temporarily, this is a good concern), one will only benefit from it with the diesel of 115 hp. Anachronistic? casual, this engine alone still represents 44% of Romanian SUV registrations from January to May. Be careful not to rely on the base price, which has increased by €3,010, which is logical in the absence of the Duster LPG.

Finally, the Jogger is the only Dacia model that retains at least two of its previous finishes, the Extreme and Extreme+ still limited series in the catalog. For the rest, prices are also rising. Count 800 € more for the first price of the Jogger GPL. The basic gasoline Jogger costs “only” 500 € more. A difference is seen in the higher liveries.

All Dacia model prices (as of June 16, 2022)

All Dacia Spring prices

Important Expression
Important€19,800 (1) Expression€21,300 (2)

(1) CO2 bonus: -€5,346

(2) CO2 bonus: -€5,751

All Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway prices

Model/Engine Important Expression Expression+ (Up&Go)
Model/EngineSandero Sce 65 Important€10,990 Expression€13,100 /
Model/EngineSandero Tce 90 Important€12,300 Expression€14,400 /
Model/EngineSandero Tce 90 CVT Important/ Expression€16,000 /
Model/EngineSandero Stepway Tce 90 Important€14,600 Expression€15,900 /
Model/EngineSandero Stepway Tce 90 CVT Important/ Expression€17,500 /
Model/EngineSandero Stepway Tce 110 Important/ Expression€16,650 €18,350

All Dacia Duster prices

Motorization Important Expression Travel UP&GO
MotorizationGasoline Tce 130 4×2 Important/ Expression€20,350 Travel€21,600 /
MotorizationPetrol Tce 150 EDC 4×2 Important/ Expression€22,650 Travel€23,900 /
MotorizationDiesel dCi 115 4×2 Important€18,500 Expression€20,850 Travel€22,100 €22,600

All Dacia Jogger prices

Motorization Important Expression SL Extreme SL Extreme +
MotorizationPetrol/LPG ECO-G100 – 5 seats Important€16,790 Expression€19,100 SL Extreme€20,100 SL Extreme +€20,600
MotorizationPetrol/LPG ECO-G100 – 7 seats Important€18,200 Expression€19,900 SL Extreme€20,900 SL Extreme +€20,800
MotorizationGasoline Tce 110 – 5 seats Important€17,400 Expression€19,100 SL Extreme€20,100 SL Extreme +€21,400
MotorizationGasoline Tce 110 – 7 seats Important€18,200 Expression€19,900 SL Extreme€20,900 SL Extreme +€21,600

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