Football World Cup season: here are the temperatures where the first matches will be played!

News hardware Football World Cup season: here are the temperatures where the first matches will be played!

We are just a few days away from the 2022 football world cup. The controversial tournament will take place, as you surely know, in Qatar, in the middle of winter. A question then arises, what will the weather be like in the football world cup? Do players have to sweat blood and water under 40°? Here are the predictions.

First of all, it seems important to us to examine the controversies surrounding this football World Cup, which seems to be the most controversial sporting event of the 21ᵉ century even before the first whistle has sounded.

The most popular, and the one you’ve probably heard, is Qatar’s behavior vis-à-vis human rights. Many people speak of modern slavery in the face of the widespread use of migrants from Southeast Asia for the construction of stadiums. There will be thousands of deaths due to “working” conditions at World Cup construction sites.

No doubt you have also heard of Qatar’s relationship with women’s or LGBT rights. There, too, it causes a moral problem. To be homosexual in Qatar is to fear one’s physical integrity.

Finally, this World Cup has been widely criticized ecological aberration that he represents. It is not just about moving thousands of people by plane, but about building large infrastructures in the middle of the desert. Stadiums will be air-conditioned… outside.

All this, of course, is nicely hidden under a carpet of petrodollars. Qatar’s acquisition of competition rights is in itself dubious. Especially since the country has the right to a special dispensationa great novelty in the history of the World Cup: organize the event in the months of November and December, in the high season.

This anomaly is reasonable: if the 2022 World Cup had taken place in the summer as usual, the shocking temperature of the Qatar desert would have killed sports performance, even endangering the health of the players. A question arises: what to expect in terms of weather in November and December in Qatar?

What are the temperatures announced in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup matches?

Qatar is considered one of the hottest countries on the planet and global warming is not helping. In June 2022, a local record was broken: 48°C. As you can imagine, even with air conditioning in the open air, it is strictly impossible to run for 90 minutes in almost 50°C.

A priori, the fact that the competition takes place during the winter changes everything. Although cutting the football season in two has led to some inconveniences, especially in terms of injuries (goodbye to the French midfielder), this decision is important.

In November and December, Qatari temperatures are comparable to a good summer in many other countries. As shown in the tweet below from an account showing live temperatures of Doha and its surroundings, we have reached 37.3°C on November 1. Closer to us, on November 11, we were close to 35°C.

Do not worry, by November 20, the start date of the competition, the temperature should not exceed 30°C. For this date, Meteored predicts a maximum temperature of around 29/28°C (take with a grain of salt, the best operational weather forecasts are no more than 3 days).

As the tournament continues, highs should continue to drop and players should run on average below 26/27°C, or even lower.

The weather in Qatar is very different from what we experience in our country. If the people of Marseille have the mistral, the Qataris have even more terrible winds “El Chamal” capable of causing sand and dust storms. Finally, note that particularly warm nights and mornings in this region of the world are likely the rest of the athletes will be in jeopardy.

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