Manufacturer’s warranty. The brands that treat you best in 2022

To benefit from an effective guarantee, the network and the brand it represents must have a good relationship. Fortunately, according to the manufacturers’ love rating in 2022, the satisfaction of authorized repairers is improving, despite the poor performance of the Volkswagen group.


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Which builders treat customers the best when it comes to warranty claims? Mobilians interviewed brand representatives.

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When you buy a new car, the length of the warranty is one of the criteria you may be used to looking at. But even if your car is covered for three, five or even seven years, you’re not guaranteed to get it back quickly in the event of a breakdown. Lack of spare parts, particularly relevant today, or inadequate staff training can cause delays. Not to mention an element that is very important not to know: good relationship between the network and the manufacturer. While the former is responsible for receiving you, making repairs and advancing any costs, it is the latter that must foot the bill in the end. Therefore, it is very important that the two work in harmony. In its 2022 edition, the traditional Manufacturers’ Rating of Love asked authorized repairers to comment on this brand’s warranty treatment.

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Garages’ satisfaction with manufacturer warranty management is improving.

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Growing pleasure

The good news is that satisfaction in the garage has improved considerably compared to 2021. On average, it has gone from 5.06 to 5.7/10. On a podium welcoming the same protagonists as last year, but not in the same order. Suzuki actually went down in the second step, on a note that wasn’t very good. While the manufacturer was close to flawless twelve months ago to reach 9.23/10, this time it has to settle for 8.35/10.

Mini also lost a spot despite an almost stable result, at 8.29/10. This is how Volvo pulled the chestnuts out of the fire. Thanks to a score ranging from 7.71 to 8.38/10, the Swedish brand is now first. Renault also gained two positions to finish in seventh place, although Losange has now been overtaken by its Romanian subsidiary Dacia. While the Kia remains somewhat on the soft belly, at 12e position, despite the seven-year warranty that will contribute to the production of this Korean manufacturer known in France. Its compatriot and owner, Hyundai, is further back, at 23e place, with only 4.1/10.

The Volkswagen group is lagging behind

The various Stellantis labels are also in the second half of the ranking, with 14e position for Opel, a 15e for Peugeot, a 16e for Alfa Romeo or a 20e for Citro├źn and a 21e for DS.

It’s very simple, this year, only Jaguar-Land Rover, penultimate, prevents him from monopolizing the back of the peloton. Despite a better score than twelve months ago, the Volkswagen brand itself remains behind. While Skoda fell from 8e on the 24the spot, and from 6.67 to 4.08. The Czech manufacturer doesn’t do much better than the Seat/Cupra, 25eor that Audi, 26e. A “group shot” that somehow has the merit of clarifying things. The entire Volkswagen group really needs to raise the bar in this area in the coming years.


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