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Through Dorothy Perry November 14, 2022

Wood heating check 2022: value and basic information

The energy crisis has weighed heavily on the French budget. Many of them decided to switch to wood heating to avoid rising gas or electricity prices, sales of wood pellets exploded. As a result of this strong demand, wood is also a victim of inflation. In fact, its cost has increased by 30% on average for one year.

Faced with this critical situation, the State decided in early November to set up extraordinary financial aid, with an envelope of 230 million euros.

The specific terms of the wood heating aid have not yet been communicated. However, according to the first information sent by Ademe (the Ecological Transition Agency), this new system should be very similar to the fuel check recently implemented.

As for the the Fuel Voucher, the steps to collect the wood heating bonus will definitely depend on the way the beneficiaries used their Energy Voucher.

First possible case: you benefited from the energy analysis in 2022 and used it in a wood seller for heating (pellets or others).

You don’t need to do anything: the wood heating check will be sent to you automatically.

2nd possible case: you have a wood-fired heating system, and either you have not used the Energy Check for this cost, or you have never been an Energy Check beneficiary.

In this case, you need to apply for a wood heating check on a request platform that will soon be online.

Good to know: You will definitely be asked for supporting documents to prove that you have a wood burning heater.

Wood heating aid: devices and possible combinations

The methods of accumulating the “Wood check” with other assistance related to energy expenditure have not yet been communicated. However, it is highly likely that it may come in addition to the following devices:

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