Wembanyama, LeBron, O’Neal… The biggest hype in the NBA


Wembanyama, LeBron, O’Neal… The biggest hype in the NBA

Published on November 14, 2022 at 12:35 pm

At 18, Victor Wembanyama was announced as the new sensation of French basketball. The young pivot is expected to be number one in the draft in 2023. A huge hype has been built around the nugget of the Metropolitans 92. Something that will remind the arrivals of some legends in the league.

From the height of his 18 years, Victor Wembanyama raises a lot of expectations before he comes to NBA. The 2.19-meter center is expected to be the number one draft pick in 2023 and his performance continues to please the American League. The nugget of Metropolitans 92 has been acclaimed by some of the greatest of NBA at present, as LeBron James, Kevin Durant o Stephen Curry. While he has yet to join the league, Victor Wembanyama is the subject of massive hype around him. The French are destined for good things, like these legends.

Abdul-Jabbar, College Championship GOAT

Kareem Abdul Jabbar was particularly eagerly awaited before the destiny he knew came to pass NBA. Sparkling during his college years, the legend of Lakers is still considered the GOAT of the college championship. But it all started in high school for Kareem Abdul Jabbarknown as Lew Alcindor in the era before 3 titles in a row won. His performances are absolutely amazing. Highly mobile and exhibiting impressive physical properties, Kareem Abdul Jabbar saw a lot of expectations placed on him. Drafted number one in 1969, he earned the title of Rookie Of The Year in NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks. then, Kareem Abdul Jabbar won 6 rings and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995.

King James, world star before he came to the NBA

LeBron James is also eagerly awaited before he comes to Cleveland Cavaliers. In college, the now 37-year-old star dominated everyone. With his impressive physique, he literally crushed his opponents. His fights were broadcast nationwide at the time, increasing the hype around him. Thus, LeBron James was the number one draft pick in 2003, and joined a team of Cleveland who have not qualified for the playoffs since 1998. Although elected Rookie Of The Year in 2004, the one who was later named king failed to get his franchise into the playoffs in the same season. We’ll have to wait until 2006 to check Riders at this point, and 2012 to see LeBron James win his first title NBA.

Shaquille O’Neal, terrible to the youth and the NBA

In this club the biggest hype in NBAwe can also add Shaquille O’Neal. In an impressive university physique, the pivot has been noticed by some experts. In 1991, in his second year at university, the future legend of Lakers was also voted the best player in the United States. amazing, Shaquille O’Neal also possesses remarkable relaxation and athletic qualities. He was therefore drafted in the first position by Orlando Magic in 1992, voted Rookie Of The Year in 1993 and won four titles in NBA (3 incl Lakersthere is only one Miami Heat).

Zion Williamson, the prospect with a questionable lifestyle

Finally, recently, we can talk Zion Williamson. Endowed with an impressive musculature for his age in high school, the powerful winger caught the eye of several observers very quickly. Zion Williamson achieved incredible performances (almost 37 points per game on average). How many players in NBA He’s already being talked about, it seems Victor Wembanyama. under 18, Zion Williamson caused huge hype and is already a world star. He will also be amazing in college. 1st in the draft in 2019, he joined the New Orleans Pelicans. But several serious injuries will keep him away from the courts on many occasions. If the talent of Zion Williamson Undoubtedly, his lifestyle however raises some questions. As it is, even the most hyped of players can find themselves in difficulty. Victor Wembanyama These examples can be used to experience as glorious a journey as possible in NBA.

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