In the Volkswagen ID family. I want Buzz! A modern reinterpretation of the famous VW Combi T1 that has become a true legend on four wheels, the ID. Buzz has every intention of continuing the success story of his glorious firstborn who is 70 years old. On the way to infinity and beyond on Portuguese roads.

Iconic style. The expression that one hears all the time of certain manufacturers, mandated by marketing, takes all its dimensions through the detection of ID. Buzz, the Volkswagen Bus of the 21st century. Available in two versions: Pro 5-seater passenger car and Cargo 3-seater LCV, the ID. Buzz is a real invitation to travel, as a couple or as a family, with friends.


With good ID. The self-respecting Buzz is built on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric platform used by the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5, but also by the Skoda Enyaq iV and Audi Q4 e-tron. Like the Czech electric SUV, the ID. The Buzz stretches its wheelbase by around 3 meters (2.98 m to be exact) and directly benefits from the huge board space. Once inside, especially in the back when entering through the electric sliding side doors, space is enormous and will be even bigger when VW offers a “long” 7-seater version. A 6-seater 2+2+2 is also planned based on the 5-seater version of this Pro. On board, we discovered a particularly welcoming vehicle with many colors, lots of storage and little tricks like the ID separator. Box, a box located between two seats, which also serves as a bottle opener. An eco-responsible interior with the use of recycled plastics and fabrics and the absence of coatings of animal origin. id. The Buzz is so Vegan. The plastics are completely hard and even sound hollow in some places, but the bright colors of the various elements give a qualitative impression. The on-board technology is state-of-the-art with a 10-inch touch screen in the center of the dashboard where almost all vehicle functions are controlled, a true control tower for driving aids, including a new evolution of semi -automatic driving -autonomous, charging, navigation and infotainment. Easy to learn, the system is rather intuitive and fast.


The ID. Buzz makes buzz in his way! We saw this in our test in and around Lisbon. The two-tone color of our Pro test version was not relevant to the interest of onlookers. There are countless thumbs ups and other positive exchanges with other drivers at red lights in Portugal’s capital. At the wheel and despite the higher driving position, we find Volkswagen ergonomics. With just a few adjustments, the controls fall completely to hand. With its massive windscreen, visibility is excellent and because it’s so nimble with a turning radius equal to a Golf, the ID. The Buzz was surprised by its usability and it is very practical in the city because with a length of 4.71 m and especially a width of 1.98 m, the ID. Buzz imposes on the road.

On the road, ID. The Buzz is efficient and even surprising in its acceleration thanks to the instantaneous torque of 310 Nm, despite the massive mass of 2,407 kg empty. A weight that limits its ambitions and performance (VMax only 145 km / h otherwise the consumption explodes) and that still generates a certain inertia in the turns instead of being well managed by the chassis that almost no roll. Relatively stable, good “German” type suspension, especially in the rear seats, remains comfortable, even on a degraded road surface. Using the same traction chain as the ID.3/4/5 with its 204 hp electric motor and the 77 kWh payload battery, there are no surprises in terms of the average consumption observed in our test. of 21.6 kWh in the combined cycle and stay within speed limits and rather (low) cool driving. A value close to the WLTP certification of 20.8 kWh/100 km. Therefore, the average autonomy is +/- 350 km between two charges depending on the driving style and the road profile. The battery receives a full recharge at 7:30 in an 11 kW wallbox in alternating current and for direct current it can receive up to 170 kW of power, enough to recover from 5 to 80% of the battery’s capacity in a flash recharge in at least 30 minutes.

Fans of the great hippie era will be able to bring out the floral shirts and dresses, the flared pants and headbands on their heads. The ID Buzz is perfect in the spirit of his famous brother T1, modernism and electric motorization in addition because the 21st century hippie is chic, respects the planet and he also appreciates his little comfort and ID. The Buzz offers what it takes with a lot of equipment and technology and above all a look that makes a Buzz.

Photos Laurent SANSON

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