Twitter, is bankruptcy safe?

An interesting vision was seen in the columns of the American public radio site: what if the possible bankruptcy of Twitter in 2022 or 2023 resulted in the return of the American company on track? The application is in any case not among the 10 most downloaded applications in the world. Even the current chaos drives curiosity and downloads. MIT wonders about the loss of an entire section of contemporary history if Twitter’s servers go down and swallow a piece of 16 years of world history.
Then we go to Youtube’s Q/A functionality, Instagram’s musical posts, Tik Tok that aims to invent a new metric to link creator and advertiser; and we end with the birth of a new telephone operator in France: Microsoft.

Tik tok is in da house and your data is in China

There has been a lot of talk about blue bird in recent days, but it is the most subversive billionaire social network currently in the top 30 most downloaded applications. To find out, all you have to do is go to our internal site…. no, I’m kidding, I tried using a vector click mechanism.

Tik tok, instagram, facebook and Google are the most downloaded applications overall in the two application stores in October 2022 according to a ranking established by Appfigures.
The Chinese application monopolizes the ranking of two stores, while Twitter does not rise even before the tenth place

An organized bankruptcy for Elon Musk?

Twitter, is bankruptcy safe?

What if Twitter can’t pay off its excessive debt because of Musk’s inclusion of acquisition costs. In order to pay off its 44 billion debt to the banks, the company that is now in the bosom of Elon Musk must pay 1 billion annually to its creditors. Lack of luck, the commercial surplus that the company can reinvest in reimbursement is almost more than 600 million euros.

Musk, who was forced to reduce his salary, announced this: if the sauce does not take, the company may find itself in debt and unable to honor its creditors. But, is it really a losing business for Musk, who has always said he paid too much for the company. In the bankruptcy of a company where he will remain at the helm, one can imagine a scenario where, in order to limit losses, the banks are led to re-evaluate the company at about half the current rate, entrusted to Musk the work of redressing that can be and allow, in fact, the billionaire to steer the boat without the obligation of reimbursement is difficult to achieve. This is one of the economic options considered by American public radio, which is studying the banking sector in an interesting alternative exercise.

A whole section of contemporary history will be lost

And to expand this reflection, let’s go to MIT, which considers in an article the historical consequences of the 16-year cessation of Twitter activities.
So the social network that has evolved from citizen media to opinion maker keeps in its archives a large piece of history and news from the modern world. Which is not currently maintained by any third-party initiative other than Twitter’s archive servers. MIT ponders the disastrous consequences of cleaning servers driven by the desire to save money.

Alarmism or not

But maybe it’s not time to be alarmed by the end of nervousness. A popular saying says that there is no bad publicity, there is only publicity… And this can be confirmed by the vulture or windfall effect. In the two weeks of Twitter torture the application, according to the business of apps citing Sensor Tower numbers for example, has experienced download growth of 66%. So yes, of course, downloading is not necessarily synonymous with regular use or loyalty… But there will undoubtedly be something

Q&A for Youtube

And in the shadow of the sufferings of others, some giants change. Last week, Youtube announced that it was monetizing its shorts to allow creators to earn money “à la tik tok” with Shorts… Today, Google’s American subsidiary announced that it is providing a tool that should enable people who do live with Youtube to more easily teach and answer questions from Internet users on the platform. The idea is obviously to find more interactivity which is mainly moving, in this case, towards Twitch. A presentation to discover on TechCrunch.

Music in your Instagram photos

I saw it in a publication by Céline Bekrich, said Céline, it’s official as reported by Digital Information World, for example: Instagram allows you to add sound to still images posted on Instagram. It doesn’t seem like much, but I can think of something for the columnist friends of the Benzine Magazine site who for more than two years have been posting their columns “visually” on the network, referring to their site in an artisanal way. From now on, in the catch phrase talking about an album or a movie, they can add a piece of sound from the database of titles listed by Instagram about the artist they are talking about.

an algo for TikTok creators

New fifou algorithm in Tik Tok that aims to determine the marketing score for its content creators. Thus, content creators who have a partnership with a brand are analyzed in terms of engagement and sales to provide advertisers with a ranking of creators who are likely to provide the balance of influence towards purchase action. . Scary and brilliant, read Siècle digital.

Microsoft operator in France

And the most WTF news of the day is described in the café du geek. We have learned that Arcom, telecoms regulator in France, has given the opportunity for Microsoft to become a telecoms operator in France.

By reading the article, we realized that it is essentially about managing conference calls, through its teams tool, which requires sets of phone numbers to join meetings. Microsoft decided to build its own pool of numbers for meetings. To read at the café du geek

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