How to find a good engineering freelancer?

Freelancing: a trend on the rise

The world of work and society is constantly changing. The freelancing trend has been emerging in France and Europe for several years, and the number of freelancers continues to grow. These professionals are self-employed and carry out their activities on wage portage or as auto-entrepreneurs. Between the clients they choose and their working conditions, they are more fulfilled than ever. Companies find undeniable advantages in offering their services. Sharp and specific skills are, in fact, necessary for the realization of certain missions (in engineering, for example). The latter often does not justify the recruitment of full-time employees.

To ensure the success of the tasks, it is important to find qualified freelancers. If their recruitment seems easy at first glance, the reality is very different. While the offer is plentiful, it unfortunately hides significant variations in terms of quality of work and expertise. Many who, after using the services of freelancers, regret it later. To help you in your research, some tips are mentioned below.

Register on a special platform

The platform is dedicated to Key Accounts and is one of the references for finding a freelance engineering. Its staff works every day to connect freelance talent and companies, so they can carry out dynamic missions together. He takes the time to fully understand the working methods, the constraints, the expectations and the needs of the clients. After conducting a profile, he is able to direct them towards the best profiles. offers a dual approach:

  • publishing needs: project leaders publish their skill needs on the platform and let freelancers apply for their offers;

  • the CV database / directory of freelancers: customers browse the lists of freelancers referred to the platform and refine their searches using filters (skills, number of years of experience, availability, geographical location, etc.) ).

On, assignments are submitted in less than 2 minutes and freelancers are visible in less than 48 hours. All platform talents have advanced expertise in one or more areas. They exchange and contract directly with potential customers, and adapt to their work processes and their demands. No fee or commission will be charged to them for registration.

Publish ads on traditional job boards

Don’t just look for engineering freelancers on specialized platforms. In fact, it is also possible to find them on classic job sites (or job boards). Publish ads there and consult CV libraries.

Find external service providers in search engines

Search engines (for example, Google) are also an interesting solution for finding engineering freelancers. They usually display their completed assignments and skills on portfolios or personal sites.

Ask to network on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn social network brings together a large community of professionals, including engineering freelancers. How to find them? Publish advertisements, being careful to mention your needs and skills required. Also add relevant hashtags (#freelance, #engineering or #mission, for example), to speed up the search.

You will understand: it is not always easy to find and choose a good freelance engineering. The selection process is ultimately very similar to the recruitment of a new employee, with the difference that his commitment is in time. If you want to save money and time, go through the Freelance Engineering platform.

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