Volkswagen T-Roc: performance increase%

It’s March and as the weather clears up in Paris, my friends let me know how to welcome spring. At that time, I was under the gray of the South. In that sense, it is rare enough to point it out. Fortunately I was testing a Volkswagen T-Roc and not a convertible. Overcast weather can put me in a bad mood. In the airport car park, I found two condoms. They dare? They dared! In this ultra-niche segment, Volkswagen repeated the operation during its restyling and until now became one of the only (only?) brands to produce a convertible SUV. The Land Rover Evoque recently took its benchmark.

They took courage

But his time had not yet come. The sky full of threatening clouds got to me and I decided to stay on a hard roof. The route is launched on the original GPS with the map displayed on an 8-inch screen. It is compatible with Carplay from the first trim level. A reminder on the screen behind the steering wheel gives you directions. There is also a larger screen paired with the map directly behind the steering wheel. Very nice but not important.

So we set off towards Coullioure by lengthening the journey very clearly to pass over the heights. During this time, the roads are deserted. Tourists still hit the ski slopes in the Alps. We will still encounter rare German dissidents but no sock sandals, still too early for sure.

Huddled elbow on the armrest of the door, I can feel the improvement of the finish level of this Volkswagen T-Roc restyling. Criticisms abound in terms of perceived quality. This is where Volkswagen comes in to push the slider for this new iteration. So we saw the addition of foamed materials on the dashboard in particular and on the door. Also, the level of standard equipment is higher: keyless entry and start, 4 USB-C sockets (2 front and 2 rear), parking assistant, lane keeping aid, reversing camera, CarPlay, adaptive cruise control, electric mirror … I still dare to say that electric windows are available from the first trim level. No, but sometimes these builders are mean.

As I was driving, I realized that there was no place for my right elbow because there was no armrest except for a small square of 10x10cm. It covers a Spartan repository. Among the minor flaws, I regret the lack of optical feedback on the touch control buttons for the air conditioning. However, this is the case, fortunately, throughout the steering wheel. Moreover, we maintain a dedicated ventilation setting, thankfully, that’s not always the case anymore!

Did you know that Coullioure is very close to Spain? If you open a map, it’s clear. But personally, it was when I passed the abandoned Cerbère border post that I realized it. The contrast with France is more obvious than I thought. The roads are in poorer condition, as are the facades of the buildings. I stopped at the port of Portbou to take pictures.

From the outside, you need to have a sharp eye to distinguish the new Volkswagen T-Roc from the old one, do you have it? New front face and new rear face with new R-line finish especially. It always eludes me like these sporty finishes on cars that don’t. Especially since they are expensive and just aesthetic. On the other hand, it makes this Volkswagen T-Roc look really cute with its slightly muscular lines.

Then, on the road, its dynamic characteristics are not left behind. It clearly shares the group’s excellent MQB platform whose good reputation is well established. Much abused and high on the leg, an SUV you tell me, Volkswagen once again shows its knowledge. The Volkswagen T-roc is the happy medium between dynamic characteristics and comfort. He knows how to both filter the roughness of the road while keeping his passengers and keep a little bit of roll to keep him very good in the mountain passes. However, be careful choosing rims that can reduce comfort.

In the meeting of machines, there is no hybridization or micro-hybridization. This platform is not intended for, unlike the Golf 8 for example. We can find powers of 110hp and 150hp on the petrol side and 115hp and 150hp on the diesel side. The future 300hp dinosaur is available in the T-roc R. The minimum power should be reserved for the city. The 150hp petrol and diesel engines are the right compromise without consuming more. Still on paper. The DSG gearbox remains a reference in its field, although it suffers from a lack of progressiveness at low speeds and a lack of responsiveness in dynamic driving. Manual transmission remains available and is even mandatory on the smallest engine. Only the 150hp diesel is available with a DSG gearbox.

The Volkswagen T-Roc is a great SUV that the brand has managed to correct mistakes and listen to buyers and testers. It’s not too big for the city and not too small for the road. So versatile, it’s hard to fault it too much. However, he charges quite a bit for his services with a starting price of 29,230 EUR (Life finish). For a mid-range model equipped with a 150hp DSG gearbox, you have to pay at least 36,380 EUR. If I tell you that it started in 2017 at 22,650 EUR…

Bonuses : They dared

The Volkswagen T-Roc convertible is nothing more and nothing less than having your hair in the wind, which is no bad thing! Engineers have maintained the dynamic characteristics despite the increased weight. If you’re looking for a little sun, don’t hesitate any longer, this is the last part of it.

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