The “hype” Victor Wembanyama is also starting to get annoying…

Every week, history repeats itself: social networks (and ours in particular) are flooded highlights and articles flowed in from everywhere, when Victor Wembanyama place one foot on the wooden floor.

Today the hype around the Frenchman is such that the NBA has not hesitated to surf it so far, without him having arrived in the United States. Inviting him, for example, to Las Vegas, included Boulogne-Levallois, for a double confrontation with Scoot Henderson’s Ignite Team, or simply deciding to broadcast ALL its matches on its application until the end of the season. Never seen before…

As the weeks pass, this “Wembamania” grows even more, as the 18-year-old wonder shines in the club (and now in the national team). In Hauts-de-Seine, it is now almost impossible to attend a Mets match, which continues to play to sold-out crowds and sell out their tickets quickly.

Even personalities (Michael Douglas, Lionel Jospin…) are now crowding the stands of the Palais des sports Marcel-Cerdan and we are now wondering when Vincent Collet’s men will play at Bercy, just to satisfy the many curious as can be…

An unprecedented hype… and disproportionate?

Other than that, like any self-respecting attraction, Victor Wembanyama is now starting to annoy some in France. Not directly, because his behavior in the media and in the courts is almost beyond reproach, but rather because of all the hype and the media coverage it generates, wherever it goes.

To illustrate this observation, in addition to some messages that appear on social networks, it is only necessary to listen to the recent comments of Laurent SciarraOlympic vice-champion in 2000, who has since become a coach.

[La hype Victor Wembanyama], I’m tired. I’m really tired “, he acknowledges for The Republic of the Pyrenees. ” We had a hyper phenomenon [Kylian] Mbappé and I want the same for this kid. So much the better that he is the No. 1 in the Draft, that he plays 25-30 minutes thanks to Vincent Collet in a club that does not play in the European Cup and he can do his range. But the other 11-12-13 that was there [avec lui], we don’t talk about it? Vincent Collet who has been doing crap work for years, we’re not talking about it? There, I saw that he was on the front page and we were talking about him only. [C’est un] Mbappé bis. And all that makes me tired. […] When you take an individual out of a collective sport, it has the gift of nurturing me. No more, still young. We did it in [Tony] parker and [Boris] Yes, but they did more than their weight. When you’re an NBA champion, you’re entitled to certain aspects. There, I saw that the hype was huge. Fortunately, but it’s still a long way off, he’s only 18. »

Hence the question: aren’t we doing Victor Wembanyama too much? Isn’t it premature to set him up as a superstar, individualize his results and put pressure on him, when he hasn’t even set foot in the NBA and has only been a hit ever since? several weeks, in an environment where everything is done to make him as famous as possible?

Across the Atlantic, this practice is widespread, with players like LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis, Andrew Wiggins or Zion Williamson who, for example, are used to making headlines in the press at a very young age. But in Europe, and especially in France, it was a great first, where Luka Doncic and even less Giannis Antetokounmpo or Nikola Jokic never really qualified before landing in the United States.

Here, the two schools seem to be competing against each other. For some, it is normal and legitimate to take advantage of this unique opportunity to praise and highlight a generational talent like Victor Wembanyama, potential engine of an entire sport in France. For others, it’s the best way to burn him out psychologically and make him lose his footing (or get the melon…) too soon.

But, after all, and taking the example of Kylian Mbappé in football, isn’t this the best opportunity to see what “Wemby” is made of? Everyone is free to give their opinion on this question…

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