In Shargy, Volkswagen offers charging of electric vehicles between individuals

Volkswagen is launching Shargy, a new mobile application that connects individuals to access charging stations for electric vehicles.

In Shargy, Volkswagen Group France wants to offer its users a new solution for recharging their electric vehicles. In fact, the German manufacturer started from the observation that the network of charging solutions is the key to the development of electric mobility in France, and actively participates in this initiative with its investment in Ionity, the charging points in the network of its dealer. , or its collaboration with the Allego and Bertrand groups.

If fast charging stations are developed in France, under the impetus of public authorities, once they arrive at their destination, sometimes motorists are faced with a lack of public charging station solutions: sometimes the it is too far, unavailable or inaccessible . Volkswagen also indicates that there is more than 800,000 private charging stations in Francebut of these, only about 50,000 are publicly accessible.

Volkswagen Shargy: the Airbnb of a charging station?

To democratize access to electric vehicles, the Volkswagen group is launching the Shargy in France, a mobile app which aims to create the largest community of charging stations for individuals, through connecting private charging station owners with users who are looking for a charging point for their electric car while on the road, for example.

So, the Shargy app is open to all individuals, with a charging station or domestic socket in their home, accessible from the outside: these users can offer their charging point to Shargy. Professionals are also concerned: hotel or restaurant owners Shargy can also be used to offer their billing solutions while making them profitable. Volkswagen has also integrated the charging stations of its own network of group brand dealers.

Volkswagen Shargy: how does it work?

After registration, the owner of a charging point geolocates it and indicates its characteristics in the application: the days and time slots when the charging point will be available, as well as its pricing (invoicing by the hour or per night) according to a rate freely set by him. However, the application suggests an average price per kWh, depending on the power of the terminal.

The user of an electric vehicle can geolocate available terminals on the map of Shargy, and refer to its characteristics. The reservation of a charging station is made directly in the application, and the owner can be contacted directly through messaging. Finally, he can pay his reservation directly in the application. Note that during the launch of the application, Shargy does not charge any commission to users in addition to the recharging cost.

Volkswagen Shargy: many advantages

In Shargy, Volkswagen offers some advantages for its users: motorists in electric vehicles have easier access to a charging solution at their destination, and it can be reserved to ensure the charging of their vehicle, when not bothered with one or more badges to ensure access to different charging networks, of which there are many in France.

Charging station owners can make their Shargy installation profitable, while participating in a supportive community around sustainable mobility. Tourism and catering professionals will also find Shargy an additional way to attract new customers, while monetizing their installation.

The Shargy app is available for Android smartphones on Google Play, as well as for Apple devices on the AppStore.

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