Elon Musk: The Eternal Man

Twitter’s new boss is using his disproportionate influence to weigh in on the war in Ukraine, on space programs and on artificial intelligence research. His dream? Influences the fate of mankind.

What would a fifty-year-old libertarian, eight times a father, think of giving his last two children the names X AE A-XII and Exa Dark Siderael? There is no doubt that he is completely insane. But what will the same person think, both “trumpo-compatible”, but concerned about the environment and the fate of migrants, when we know that in addition to being the richest in the world, he is also perhaps the most influential from at NASA. assigned its programs here through Space X and after its acquisition of Twitter on April 24? That he is completely crazy and dangerous? But if we consider character only according to accepted standards. But Elon Musk surpasses them all. In the original, there was Asperger’s syndrome – assumed to be a neuroatypical cerebral functioning – and the violent bullying at school of which he was the victim in his childhood.

In our interview, Dr. Laurent Alexandre, founder of the Doctissimo site and French observer of transhumanism, insists on this biographical element as watering the personality of the boss of Tesla: “This is the revenge of the beaten child. Even his pessimistic view of artificial intelligence echoes the belt blows of his childhood.Thus, the alliance of trauma and an extraordinary intellect can make a person. But that spells trouble when you’re faced with a transhumanist demiurge who has the means to match his ambitions. ” All transhumanists are in a world master logic“says Laurent Alexandre.

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A poutine fight offer

His will to influence knows no bounds and his 90 million followers testify to this. Added to this is an unpredictable side and a tendency to play arsonist firefighters. So it was when he led the war in Ukraine down the drain of stupidity and brilliant irony by suggesting a man-to-man fight with Vladimir Putin (“do you accept?“, he tweeted), while chatting with his Chechen aide, Ramzam Kadyrov, before taking action to help Volodymyr Zelensky’s country on the battlefield by guiding drones thanks to the satellites of his company Starlink looking for targets Russian. Same thing with artificial intelligence. Musk spends his time decrying its dangers:It is potentially more dangerous than the atomic bomb», while one of the main investors in the field of NBIC (nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, computing and cognitive sciences). Thus, he founded Open AI (a center where AI start-ups work) and Neuralinks (which attempts to combine human and artificial intelligence). Originally created for medical reasons, Laurent Alexandre assures us that the goal is to increase the cerebral capacities of mankind.

Demiurge we tell you. But also a follower ofsimultaneously” loved by Emmanuel Macron, especially on the issue of freedom of expression. Its take on Twitter aims to “unlock», to remove moderation and to escape woke censorship. We can already imagine Donald Trump, where he was the brief adviser, and all those who spread fake news are back there to take advantage of this freedom of expression that Musk himself abused, as when he tweeted on Thursday: “Then I bought a Coca-Cola to kick back the cocaine.“Other than that, wanting to reassure Europe that passed the Digital Service Act (DSA) to better protect Internet users, he hastened to recall: “By freedom of expression, I mean what is lawful. I am against censorship more […]. »

Freedom, yes… if it doesn’t affect his interests

Upon arrival, we don’t know if he wants to encourage the anarchy that shakes the network or improve the experience. He promises to expel the bots that poison Twitter, to install a function that makes it possible to correct published tweets and to move the current business model, based on advertising, to a system of subscriptions and reinforced certification. Problem: his personal freedom is dearer to him than to others.

Although the health measures during the Covid pandemic are strongly condemned, it is considered that “say [aux gens] that they cannot leave their homes and that they are arrested if they do, that is fascist», or by criticizing Sillicon Valley («become Moralizing Valley“), he has been quick to block any hint of freedom of association in his companies and is already putting pressure on the Twitter teams. Similarly, when computer whiz Jack Sweeney set up an account to track the private jet of Musk, he tried to bribe him before it was blocked. The same process in 2018, when he intervened in vain, with a DIY submarine, in an attempt to save children stuck in a cave in Thailand and that he criticized one of the rescuers who was annoyed by this publicity stunt, inviting him to put in his gear”where it hurts“: he then responded by saying that what he despised was… a pedophile. Alas, he had to apologize after Tesla’s stock lost 3% because of this game.

Because we must not forget that our demiurge is above all a businessman. Even thought Nicolas Bordas, the vice-president of TBWA International, atThe Expressthat he sees himself”as the savior of mankind, with SpaceX to go to Mars, Tesla to fight global warming“, or Neuralinks to cure diseases, Twitter will serve him, in addition to expanding his influence, to ensure his lobbying in favor of cryptocurrencies. And, why not, to influence stock market prices. He already did this to Tesla in 2018, tweeting: “I am considering taking Tesla off the stock market at $420. […] Funding secured», or in 2019 : «Tesla produced 0 cars in 2011, but will produce around 500,000 in 2019.Note that these tweets cost him the presidency of the company.

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