Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts For Productivity

If you use Adobe Premiere Pro every day, it is very important that you know the keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will save you a lot of time and can improve your productivity when editing video for example. Instead of searching for the buttons that correspond to the option you want, you just need to press a few keys on your keyboard to perform the action.

Where can I find Premiere Pro shortcuts?

In Adobe Premiere Pro, you can find all shortcuts listed by function. To find this menu, just go to the menu Editing done” Keyboard shortcuts and if you want to practice using keyboard shortcuts now, you can Ctrl+Alt+K (Windows) which will directly open the keyboard shortcut menu.

How to create a shortcut in Premiere Pro?

When you come to the keyboard shortcuts menu, you will notice that there are all the shortcuts that will be classified in the form of a diagram. In this window, you can change shortcuts or create shortcuts. Let’s say you want to change the shortcut ” Selection tool because you don’t like the order. You just need to find the command you want to change in the menu.

If we take for example the command ” Selection tool“, you will need to find this command in the menu to change it. In front of this command, you will see written ” Short cut in the title, click on the shortcut corresponding to the command and change it. To change it, just enter the shortcut as if you were applying it in real life, for example ). To save, click on ” OK to confirm the change.

To create a shortcut, you must select a command that does not have a shortcut assigned. First you need to find the command you want and in addition there is no shortcut. Then, for changing the shortcut, you will need to select the shortcut you want for this command. Once you have created your shortcut, you can save it, to save, click on ” OK to confirm the change.

Find keyboard shortcuts

Find the keyboard shortcut for a tool, button, or menu command by doing one of the following:

  • Hover the mouse pointer over a tool or button until the corresponding information is displayed. If it exists, the keyboard shortcut is indicated in the tooltip after the tool description.
  • Look for the keyboard shortcut to the right of the menu command.
  • For a full list of current and default shortcuts, select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) or Premiere Pro > Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS).
  • Use the search box in the dialog box Personalization keyboard to quickly find specific commands.

Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts that matter

For all the shortcuts we will show, there will be shortcuts for Windows and for Mac. For these important shortcuts, you will use them almost all the time in every project to increase your productivity. It’s important to know them, with practice you won’t have to check which shortcut corresponds to what, it will become automatic.

  • Project : Ctrl+Alt+N / Opt+Cmd+N
  • Sequence : Ctrl+N / Cmd+N
  • Bin: Ctrl + / | command + /
  • Open a project…: Ctrl+O / Cmd+O
  • Close the project: Ctrl+Shift+W / Shift+Cmd+W
  • Close : Ctrl+W / Cmd+W
  • To register: Ctrl+S / Cmd+S
  • Save as… : Ctrl+Shift+S / Shift+Cmd+S
  • Save a copy…: Ctrl+Alt+S / Opt+Cmd+S
  • Getting… : F5
  • Serial acquisition…: F6
  • Import from Media Browser: Ctrl+Alt+I / Opt+Cmd+I
  • Import…: Ctrl+I / Cmd+I
  • Export media: Ctrl+M / Cmd+M
  • Get properties for selection…: Ctrl+Shift+H / Shift+Cmd+H
  • To leave: Ctrl+Q / Cmd+Q

Editing shortcuts

To manage your project, it is important to know the editing shortcuts to save time in managing your project. There are some basic shortcuts like save, select, backspace, etc.

  • To cancel: Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z
  • To reset: Ctrl+Shift+Z / Shift+Cmd+Z
  • Cut : Ctrl+X / Cmd+X
  • To copy: Ctrl+C / Cmd+C
  • To stay in: Ctrl+V / Cmd+V
  • Paste and enter: Ctrl+Shift+V / Shift+Cmd+V
  • Paste properties: Ctrl+Alt+V / Opt+Cmd+V
  • Delete and reconnect: Shift+Delete / Shift+Delete Forward
  • Copy: Ctrl + Shift + / | Shift + Cmd + /
  • Select all : Ctrl+A / Cmd+A
  • Deselect all: Ctrl+Shift+A / Shift+Cmd+A
  • To research…: Ctrl+F / Cmd+F
  • Edit the original: Ctrl+E / Cmd+E
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+K / Cmd+Opt+K

Keyboard shortcuts to titles and images

Command for ” New Layer :

  • Text : Ctrl+T / Cmd+T
  • Rectangle : Ctrl+Alt+R / Opt+Cmd+R
  • Ellipsis: Ctrl+Alt+E / Opt+Cmd+E

Command for ” arrangement :

  • foreground : Ctrl + Shift + ]/ Shift + Cmd + ]
  • ahead: Ctrl + ]/ Cmd + ]
  • Backwards : CTRL+ [ / Cmd + [
  • Arrière-plan : Ctrl + Maj + [ / Maj + Cmd + [

Commande pour « Sélectionnez » :

  • Sélectionner le calque suivant : Ctrl + Alt + ] /Opt+Cmd+]
  • Select the previous layer: Ctrl+Alt+[/Opt+Cmd+[[/Opt+Cmd+[[/Opt+Cmd+[[/Opt+Cmd+[

Windows shortcuts

These are the elements we use every time to switch windows and often we don’t think about the associated shortcuts. Here is the list of window shortcuts.

  • Mixing audio elements: Shift+9
  • Mixing audio tracks: Shift+6
  • Effect options: Shift+5
  • Effect : Shift+7
  • Media Browser: Shift+8
  • Program Monitor: Shift+4
  • Project : Shift+1
  • Monitor source: Shift+2
  • Gatherings: Shift+3
  • Restore the saved layout: Alt + Shift + 0 / Opt + Shift + 0

Brand shortcuts

Brand shortcuts are very important during your various video editing, especially brand shortcuts ” entrance and exit which is used a lot.

  • Mark entry: I
  • Mark the exit: Or
  • Mark the element: X
  • Mark the selection: /
  • Go to the entrance: Shift+I / Shift+I
  • Go to the exit: Shift+O / Shift+O
  • Delete entered: Ctrl+Shift+I / Opt+I
  • Clear output: Ctrl+Shift+O / Opt+O
  • Clear entry and exit: Ctrl + Shift + X / Opt + X
  • Add a brand: M
  • Reach the next mark: Shift+M / Shift+M
  • Go to previous score: Ctrl+Shift+M / Shift+Cmd+M
  • Delete selected brand: Ctrl+Alt+M / Opt+M
  • Clear all marks: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M / Opt+Cmd+M

Sequence shortcuts

When you open your project, the best way to save time and productivity is to know the shortcuts in order. They can be used for many things, especially when you trim tracks or apply transitions, etc.

  • Render workspace effects: Hall
  • Image matching: F
  • Reverse image matching: Shift+R / Shift+R
  • Add a mount: Ctrl+K / Cmd+K
  • Add the edit to all tracks: Ctrl+Shift+K / Shift+Cmd+K
  • Connect assembly: Shift + T / Cmd + T
  • Expand the selected timeline in the playhead: E
  • Apply video transfer: Ctrl+D / Cmd+D
  • Apply the audio transition: Ctrl+Shift+D / Shift+Cmd+D
  • Apply default selection transitions: Shift+D / Shift+D
  • Align to Timeline: S
  • Create a second sequence: Shift + U / Cmd + U
  • Add a subtitle track: Ctrl+Alt+A / Opt+Cmd+A
  • Add a caption to the playhead: Ctrl+Alt+C / Opt+Cmd+C
  • Go to the next segment of the legend: Ctrl + Alt + Down / Opt + Cmd + Down
  • Go to previous callout segment: Ctrl + Alt + Up / Opt + Cmd + Up
  • Collect: ;
  • Excerpt:
  • Enlarge: =
  • Zoom out:

The most important “Panels” shortcut

Whether you are in the capture panel, effect option, effects, important graphic objects etc, there are always shortcuts that will help you save time. Here is the list of the most interesting shortcuts:

  • Video recording: v
  • Audio record : MAY
  • Fast forward: F
  • Reaching the entry point: Q
  • Reaching the exit point: w
  • Checked in : Mr
  • Rewind: R
  • Backwards : left arrow
  • ahead: right arrow
  • stop : S
  • New text layer: Ctrl+T / Cmd+T
  • Rectangle tool: R
  • Rotate the tool: Or
  • Selection tool: v
  • Text tools: T
  • Pen Tool: P

How to minimize Premiere pro?

the tool ” cut off in Premiere Pro will allow you to cut anything, be it audio, video, etc. You can split whatever you want. Instead of looking for the little button” cut off » in your selection bar, you can simply press « vs on your keyboard to select the tool.

What is the keyboard shortcut for importing footage?

To import any footage into your project, you just need to take the shortcut Ctrl+I.

What are the keyboard shortcuts for placing Premiere Pro In and Out points?

You should know the keyboard shortcuts to enter entry and exit points to make your work easier during your project. Here are the commands to do:

  • Mark entry: I
  • Mark the exit: Or

How can I get Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro software is paid software that can be obtained from Adobe’s official website directly. All you need to do is create an Adobe account and proceed to install the Adobe Creative Cloud software, which includes all software in the Adobe family. Select the product you want and install it.

This means that you will be able to benefit from a free version of the software for a few days before paying for it in full.

Note: What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro is video editing software from Adobe Systems. Premiere Pro is used for editing videos, commercials, movies, TV and online videos, etc. It also includes audio editing features.

It is a complete video editing software that can be used individually or as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud application bundle. Premiere Pro is often used with After Effects and Photoshop for creative projects. Premiere Pro can be used on Mac OS or Windows computers.

Premiere Pro can be used for all the common video editing tasks needed to produce professional quality high definition video. It can be used to import video, audio and graphics. When creating videos with Premiere Pro, it’s possible to edit photos and videos together. Titles can be added to videos along with filters and effects.

Premiere Pro is used by video production companies, news channels, marketing professionals and video editors, etc. People in roles such as video editors, production managers, marketing managers, and media designers use Premiere Pro to create and edit video content.

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