Who is Garnacho, the Argentine nugget rising to Manchester United

At only 18 years old, Alejandro Garnacho is an attraction. Born in Spain but naturalized Argentinian, he was a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo but linked with Lionel Messi in the selection. Within a week, he scored one goal and provided two assists for Manchester United, and received warnings about his behaviour. His early career was turbulent.

Alejandro Garnacho can be a prodigy like no other. An 18-year-old kid trying to find his place in a big club, in this case Manchester United, is scratching minutes over the weeks and breaking some precocity records. But his journey was a little more turbulent than that. Just after scoring his first goal with the Red Devils, a week ago against Real Sociedad, in the Europa League, the Argentinian was treated to a little reframing signed Bruno Fernandes.

A pointed attitude

“He wasn’t at his best at the beginning of the season. During the pre-season camp, he didn’t have the best attitude, he should have, explained the Portuguese, part of the Mancunian locker room. hasn’t had his chance until now. He has it’s now because he’s training more and has changed his attitude, he deserves his opportunities.”

On Wednesday night, with just half an hour to play, he provided his first two assists of the season, against Aston Villa in the EFL Cup. Another great performance, and more statements about his attitude, this time from his coach Erik ten Hag when asked about Garnacho’s upcoming playing time: “It depends on his approach, on his attitude. S ‘he continues to work, so yes, it is possible ( that he plays more).

We almost forget that Alejandro Garnacho made it because his talent is obvious. Born in Spain, trained at Getafe then Atlético de Madrid until he was 16, he went to Manchester United in 2020 to quickly become a central element of the youth teams. The left winger flew remarkably in the Youth FA Cup last season, scoring 7 goals and 3 assists in 6 games, including a double in the final against Nottingham.

Scaloni called and revelation of the Toulon Tournament

In March 2022, he discovered the Argentine selection, thanks to his mother’s nationality. Called up by Lionel Scaloni on an extended list of 44 players for the World Cup qualifiers, he did not play but worked with Lionel Messi in training, and then joined the under-20 team, coached by Javier Mascherano. A few months later, he shone in the Toulon Tournament, scoring 4 goals and being elected the revelation of the competition.

But in Argentina, his case is raising some teeth. Garnacho, who celebrated his first goal for Manchester as Cristiano Ronaldo, openly stated that ‘CR7’ is his idol. A speech that did not sit well with Lionel Messi’s country. In recent days, as Scaloni’s final roster for the World Cup approaches, the young player has even found himself at the center of a debate on the hugely popular TyC Sports channel. Some expressed their desire to see him in Qatar, although he was not on the final pre-list.

In the middle of a debate in Argentina

“He doesn’t know Argentina,” replied Guido Glait, a journalist present on the set. knows ‘Caminito’ (a street in the neighborhood of La Boca), does not know 9 de Julio (the main avenue of Buenos Aires), and above all, he says that his idol is Cristiano Ronaldo. How could he say that? he didn’t understand anything. Messi plays in the national team of Argentina.”

Alejandro Garnacho, despite his talent, will therefore have to conquer the hearts of Argentines if he decides to play for the Albiceleste. So far, not everything has been fixed. After competing in the Toulon Tournament in Argentina, the boy also played a few friendlies with Spain’s under 18s. As long as he hasn’t played an official game against the A’s of the two options, his future is not sealed. Another special travel story of a wonder like no other.

Robin Watraint RMC Sport journalist

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