The Dacia Duster pick-up is getting a makeover

If Europe has never been eligible for the Dacia version of the Renault Oroch, a double-cabin pick-up based on the Duster and sold in South America, however, the manufacturer’s catalog includes a pick-up variant in Romania . The latter came out in 2014 in Duster 1 and was manufactured by Romturingiaa local coachbuilder carrying out many specific modifications including military and police vehicles, ambulances, and even armored vans.

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An “official” Duster pick-up

Long reserved for the local market where it is sold directly by Dacia, the Duster single-cabin pick-up made its way to France last year thanks in particular to Balleydier 4×4, an independent garage established in Haute-Savoie and specialized in all-terrain vehicles -land. Our journalists also tested this unique machine, as well as a very special version with tracks. A few months after the presentation of the Duster phase 2, it was the pick-up’s turn to receive a slight change, which was announced to the public on the occasion of Eurosatory 2022, the show dedicated to the defense and security of the land. .

exterior, logically we see the evolutions of the restyled SUV, which in the end is quite weak : the front optics switch to (almost) full-LED as they keep the halogen main beam headlights, and the rear lights receive the Y signature that is now typical of the Romanian manufacturer. And again, we did not immediately realize these changes in our pick-up equipped (as accessories) with metal grilles to protect the optics and the glazing, this “semi-armoured” copy is intended for to the police. .

New change

Note, however, the new plastic part on each rear part while the previous model had wings in one piece. “We changed the way of manufacturing,” explained Stelian Ion, the boss of Romturingia. In the past, in fact, the rear of the Duster was covered, after cutting, with a type of polyester “skin” that followed the shape of the bodywork to hide the welds in the structure. “Now we preserve and weld the lower part of the rear doors. There is no need to cover the entire side part, only the joint between the fenders and the doors with this new part. »

Presented as part of the Eurosatory show, the Duster pick-up is dressed for the occasion.

Another novelty, a hoop is now available and sports, like the integrated piece, the new font used by the brand’s new logo, thus recalling that the change was approved by the manufacturer. The driving position does not receive a change compared to the five-door version, and therefore we find, depending on the version, the 8 ” touchscreen tablets Media Display or Media Nav, the automatic air conditioning or the hands- free card By the end of the year, the Duster pick-up will also have a new Dacia identity and redesigned grille.

Up to 150 horsepower!

Technically, only the 4×4 version is available, but it is now possible to opt for the 1.3 TCe 150 in addition to the traditional 1.5 Blue dCi 115. The transmission is mechanical and has six gears, the EDC box is not compatible with all – wheel drive. The tipper still offers a 165 cm loading length and a payload of 500 kg. Therefore, this Dacia will not be aimed at those looking for a ton of cargo capacity. : it remains the prerogative of “big” pick-ups like the Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux.

Dacia Duster restyled the pick-up tipper
The tipper offers a payload of 500 kg.
dacia duster pick up restyled 2022 interior
The dashboard is the same as that of the classic Duster.

The Dacia Duster pick-up plays in another register with its compact dimensions (4.34 m when other models on the market easily exceed 5 m), and its mass is under 1,500 kilograms. It provides excellent maneuverability and excellent capabilities on difficult surfaces, especially on snow, especially when it chooses the tracks of the ACF company. Thanks to them, Duster has at least 42 centimeters of ground clearance and sees its transmission shortened by 33% thanks to the internal reduction of the tracks, providing impressive crossing capabilities. Another advantage of this equipment, a flotation of 170 g/cm² which not only allows it to easily evolve in mud pits but also to maintain delicate grounds compared to classic AT or MT tires .

Price of Dacia Duster pick-up 2022

restyled dacia duster pick up in 2022 TCE 150
It is also available with 150 hp gasoline.

If the rates are not yet official, the Duster pick-up will be available from around €28,000 including VAT (estimate) . The worms, for their part, are claiming an additional 15,000 euros excluding tax. Although it is not sold directly by Dacia France, it benefits from manufacturer approval and a 3-year or 100,000 km warranty. In addition to the tracks, it can be optionally equipped with other improvements designed to increase its off-road capabilities, such as a suspension raiser, a winch or a limited-slip rear differential. Finally for professionals, this pick-up is approved as a two-seater utility and therefore offers refundable VAT as well as an exemption from TVS and penalties, including in the petrol version .

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