Volkswagen Group’s “not genuine” agent contracts: “Signatures are back”

Edition of 17/10/2022

Porsche Switzerland management changes

Porsche Switzerland has appointed two new directors: Félix Fröhlich, Director of Sales, replacing Yves Becker-Fahr and Wolfgang Kaiser, Director of Aftersales, Jens Uwe Dietz.


Rafal Trojca new director of the Kaiserslautern factory in Germany of Stellantis

Rafal Trojca has been appointed director of the Kaiserslautern production site in Germany for Stellantis, succeeding Thierry Vingtans.


Renault-Nissan Alliance, the myth of “necessary rebalancing”

Alliance rebalancing is now a “chestnut tree” in the automotive press. In fact, the Alliance was unbalanced because its founder was a call for help from a major builder to which a less important builder responded and did his job so well that the imbalance was confirmed. Add to that Alliance boss arbitrations with a bit of rebalancing and we have a question that, out of decency, we refuse to close by reasserting the rights of the strongest capitalists. By persistence, the basis for an abandonment in the open country of a legitimate control of one manufacturer by another is ready. If, instead of resisting this pressure, we submit to it, the chestnut tree will die and the Alliance with it.

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Electric truck founder Nikola found guilty of defrauding investors

(AFP) – The founder and former boss of Nikola, a start-up that makes electric and hydrogen-powered trucks, was found guilty Friday of fraud for touting his company’s developments and capabilities to investors. to strengthen the market. ‘ stock.


In Paris, a Franco-Chinese Motor Show and full of questions

(AFP) – Without BMW, Lamborghini or Jaguar, the Paris Motor Show, which starts in Paris on Monday October 17, will present French and Chinese groups in majesty, raising questions about its future.


TotalEnergies strike: a compromise found without the CGT, which wants to strengthen the movement

(AFP) – The TotalEnergies group and two major unions appeared to have agreed Friday on a group wage increase, but the CGT, at the origin of the work stoppage that has caused a rare fuel shortage in France, refused any agreement and pledged to continue the strike.

Around the car

Wage demands: work stoppages at Renault Trucks

(AFP) – A series of work stoppages has affected five Renault Trucks sites since this week, with employees demanding a pay rise rejected by management, who offered a new bonus while highlighting extras which has already been granted.


Xavier Trujas will replace the Citroën-DS dealerships in Rambouillet

Already representing Peugeot, Opel and Fiat in Rambouillet (78), Xavier Trujas will add the Citroën-DS brands to its offer by taking over the Van Maele family concession.


Stéphane Touret appointed operational CEO of the Dugardin group

Director of the Lille Ford plate of the Dugardin group since January 2019, Stéphane Touret is solely entrusted with the operational general management of the group.


Smart charging stations and photovoltaic modules among the INPI Trophies finalists


announced the 15 finalists of its annual competition that rewards, in 5 categories, French companies “that have made innovation a pillar of their growth, by following a voluntary and coherent industrial property policy”. A jury consisting of approximately fifteen innovation experts will appoint 5 winners on 30 November.

Around the car

The Parot group will sell its concessions in Châteauroux

The Parot group will sell its Ford, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep dealership in Châteauroux (36). A new sale following its Ford dealerships in Ile-de-France in January 2022.


Automotive: the new electric boost from the State

(AFP) – Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday a series of new boosts to the purchase of electric cars, on the eve of the opening of the Paris Motor Show.


Category Builders

Renault’s Capital Market Day: why the stock market is undervalued

The announcement of Renault’s new organization was accompanied by a promise to reach unprecedented levels of profitability with an operating margin of more than 10% by 2030. The promise also of unprecedented levels of free cash flow and also the dividend payment from 2023. However, the action lost 7% in two days.


Elon Musk sold nearly $4 billion worth of Tesla shares

(AFP) – Elon Musk sold nearly 4 billion dollars worth of shares in carmaker Tesla between Friday and Tuesday, when he needed to finance the acquisition, more than a week ago, of Twitter for 44 billion dollars.


Geely, a Chinese partner of Renault with global ambitions

(AFP) – Car maker Renault, which announced on Tuesday a restructuring of its activities, is now linked for its engines to Chinese Geely, a group with clearly demonstrated global ambitions.


Honda revised its forecast upward

(AFP) – Japan’s second-largest automaker, Honda, on Wednesday revised its full-year forecast despite delays in its car production, hoping the yen will weaken further and sales of two-wheelers in Asia will increase.


Nissan has raised its targets and remains cautious about its negotiations with Renault

(AFP) – Nissan on Wednesday raised its forecast for annual results, largely due to positive exchange-rate effects linked to the yen’s fall, while remaining tight-lipped on its intense negotiations with Renault over revamping their alliance.


Tata Motors posted its seventh consecutive quarter of losses

(AFP) – Indian manufacturer Tata Motors on Wednesday announced a seventh consecutive quarter of losses, blaming shortages of semiconductors and weak demand in export markets.


Volvo Cars withdrew from thermal engines as part of the Renault-Geely agreement

(AFP) – Among the most advanced in the conversion to electric, Swedish manufacturer Volvo Cars announced on Tuesday that it will completely withdraw from the heat engine by selling an industrial stake to Chinese with It is owned by Geely.


United States: 40,000 Teslas recalled for a problem related to electric power steering

(AFP) – Tesla has begun a recall in the United States of more than 40,000 vehicles affected by a risk related to their electric power steering system.


Tax rebates in Luxembourg: Fiat wins legal action against the EU

(AFP) – Car manufacturer Fiat (Stellantis group) obtained on Tuesday from the Court of Justice of the EU the annulment of a Brussels decision requiring it to return 30 million euros in tax advantages to Luxembourg.


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