Elon Musk was already talking about him on Twitter a few days after his hiring

This is the controversy. While he bought Twitter four days ago, Elon Musk got people talking about him on Sunday by deleting one of his tweets. In the end, the new boss of the social network delivered rumors about the invasion of Nancy Pelosi’s husband. On the night of Thursday to Friday, a 42-year-old individual entered the couple’s home in San Francisco, and attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer, said the police chief of this California metropolis, Bill Scott. He suffered mainly from a skull fracture and had to be hospitalized.

This attack, which was actually aimed at the leader of the Democrats in Congress, caused a strong reaction from the democratic political class. To start with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who this weekend denounced the attack on Paul Pelosi, attributing it to the consequences of false information, ten days before the midterm elections. For her part, the former Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, refuted the conspiracy theories peddled by the Republican Party. The Republican Party and its spokespeople routinely spread hate speech and outright crazy conspiracy theories »denounced the former US Secretary of State. Shocking, but not surprising, and violence is the result »he judged.

Elon Musk’s Twitter is leaving Wall Street…but it will take funding

The troll Elon should alert the deletion (of this tweet) to the head of Twitter Elon”

To which Elon Musk replied: There is little chance that appearances are deceptive ». This, in fact, is what the boss of Tesla and SpaceX wrote on Sunday morning in a tweet to his 123 million subscribers, before deleting it in the afternoon. So he referred to the attack on Paul Pelosi, and referred to a link to an article from the conservative site Santa Monica Observer that spread unverified information about the attack. This media has published conspiracy theories and misinformation in the past, according to the daily Los Angeles Times.

A comment that generated a lot of comments and criticism on the social network. The troll Elon should alert the deletion (of this tweet) to the head of Twitter Elon », commented, in particular, the former UN special rapporteur for freedom of expression David Kaye, ironically in different hats of the billionaire. Asked by AFP, Twitter did not immediately respond.

Concern of advertisers

This controversy seems to have set the tone for what the billionaire plans to do with his new property. Since his takeover offer in July, Elon Musk has always shown his desire to relax content moderation, which he considers too strict, as demanded by the American right. Setting himself up as a defender of freedom of expression, he has repeatedly proved that he wants to turn Twitter into a kind of digital agora, where all opinions are free to express themselves.

However, Elon Musk is seeking to reassure his advertisers such as General Motors, which has announced it will temporarily suspend its ads on Twitter. The American automaker became the first major advertiser to question its presence on the platform after its acquisition. “We are talking to Twitter to understand the direction of the platform under its new owner”the American group said in a message sent to AFP. “As is normal during a significant change to a media platform, we have temporarily suspended our paid advertising”, he added. This could be a problem for Twitter if other advertisers adopt the same provisions, since the social network is highly dependent on advertising. In 2021, it still accounted for 89% of the group’s more than $5 billion in revenue.

Wave of hateful content

Elon Musk promised after his acquisition of Twitter that it would not become a social network hell » and he will give it a “content moderation board with very diverse views”. “No major decision on content or account reactivation will take place without the council’s intervention”, he assured. The entrepreneur can fully realize, in fact, the need to ensure moderation, the social network has become the object of coordinated attacks from “trolls” (people who post a message on the Internet, often through provocation , to stir up controversy or simply disrupt a discussion), almost days after its acquisition, which dumped hateful content to test its moderation policy, according to a company official.

“Over the past 48 hours, we’ve seen a small number of accounts post a deluge of tweets containing profanity and other offensive language”, said Yoel Roth, who manages the integrity of the platform, on Saturday. ” To give you an idea of ​​the scale: more than 50,000 tweets mentioning a particular insult came from just 300 accounts”, he added, specifying that most of these are fake accounts. Yoel Roth reiterated that the “hate speech has no place” on Twitter, its moderation policy is non-existent “changed”, and that the company is taking steps to “ put an end to any organized effort to make people believe otherwise”. Even his own boss?

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