what are the changes for blue tick

A new Twitter Blue subscription is available

Elon Musk made the Twitter Blue redesign his priority, it’s done now! Twitter just launched a new version of his subscription, accessible for $7.99 per month. A price that is likely to change in the near future, if we believe the mention stated next to the price: “limited time offer” (that is “limited time offer”in French).

Actually, this new offer brings a big novelty: it makes it possible to get the famous blue tick, which until now, proved the authenticity of an account, thanks to specific criteria. In other words, all accounts that sign up for the $8 per month Twitter Blue subscription, starting November 9, will receive a blue check mark.

Regarding the other features offered by Twitter Blue, you have to be patient, because they are not available at the moment. New options include:

  • Tweets and replies to tweets shown in priority,
  • A 50% reduction in displayed ads,
  • The ability to post longer videos.

For now, this new Twitter Blue subscription is only available to users with an iPhone or iPad, in the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Twitter has not disclosed any information about the launch of the new desktop subscription and Android version, or in countries that do not yet have access to Twitter Blue (including France).

What are the new rules for the certification badge?

“The meaning of verification and the blue tick that comes with it is changing,” explained Twitter. And indeed, there is something to lose.

From now on, accounts that take out a Twitter Blue subscription will automatically receive a blue checkmark, which has the same graphic design as the blue checkmark previously used to prove that an account is official. It also means that Twitter Blue subscribers won’t need to meet the necessary criteria to get the famous tick.

However, there is a small caveat! By clicking on the blue tick that appears next to an account name, two different messages may appear (see image of one):

  • Certified account: “This account has been verified because it is a Twitter Blue follower. »,
  • Account Information: “This account has been certified because it is considered noteworthy […] ».

Regarding accounts that were certified before the release of the new Twitter Blue subscription, they will retain their certified tick, which was obtained with the previous standards. On the other hand, at the moment it is no longer possible to make requests to obtain the check mark that officially verifies a Twitter account.

It also remains unresolved the fate of the gray badge, announced yesterday on Twitter, then “killed” by Elon Musk a few hours later, to be reintroduced by product director Esther Crawford minutes after Elon’s announcement Musk… official tweet from Twitter Support, stating that this gray badge is not planned anytime soon. In other words, everything is possible!

The first deviations have already been observed

Of course, offering a similar badge to verified accounts, to those with an iPhone and $8 a month, has no consequences. As soon as the Twitter Blue offer was launched, abuses were already observed. For example, Internet users enjoy impersonating brands or political figures, by displaying a blue tick, letting users think the accounts are official. And Nintendo was one of the first brands to pay full price, as the tweet below shows.

But Twitter tried to crack down on these impersonations, temporarily removing the ability to change the display name of verified accounts. Crazy situations are also noticed there, for example the actress Doja Cat, who regrets that she never changed her name…

One thing is certain, with Elon Musk at the head of Twitter, the social network is likely to make a lot of noise in the coming weeks… See you tomorrow for the next episode!

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