Truth Social gains momentum: What to expect from Donald Trump’s ‘Twitter’

As the midterm elections take place on Tuesday, November 8, Donald Trump’s conservative Truth Social platform is front and center because of its growing influence in American politics.

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After the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and the platforms Meta, Facebook and Instagram. Before that, he had 89 million followers on Twitter, 35 million on Facebook and 24 million on Instagram.

Following this, the 45e The President of the United States has announced his intention to build a platform to oppose the “tyranny of technology giants” that are “silencing America’s dissenting voices.”

As the mid-term vote takes place this Tuesday, November 8, we decided to take a look at Truth Social.

What about Donald Trump on his platform?

“Big lies”, electoral disinformation due to the mid-term elections and the investigations about him, strengthening the theories of QAnon: these are the four main topics favored by the former president.

One example of many

Screenshot @realDonaldTrump / Truth Social

An example of many “retruthers” (reshares) on the page of the former American president.

The latter therefore continues to claim that he was robbed of victory by the Democrats and argues that the next ballot will also be shot. If this rhetoric is the source of his banishment from Twitter and Meta, he is free to spread it here.

This “big lie” has even been adapted to a foreign context, like here with Steve Bannon explaining that Jair Bolsonaro lost the Brazilian presidential election due to “cheating” and the “lie of the left”.

As a reminder, the theory of a Democratic conspiracy to steal the American presidential election has never been discussed and will be a myth. It’s not the same on the Republican side.

Beyond the inclusion of the midterm ballot in the Trumpist “big lie”, the midterms allow him to advance his role in a possible Republican victory on Tuesday night.

There were also many insulting messages to candidates who doubted him, or voted in favor of the certification of the results and the second impeachment procedure, following the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

He also poked fun at his potential future opponent in the Republican primary, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Donald Trump has also spoken out a lot against the ongoing investigations affecting him through an expression: “Witchhunt” (“Witch hunt”).

The defense methods used were related to conspiracy theories, although, for example, many analyzes were ultimately dismissed, such as an argument that the FBI would have hidden secret documents that led to the search for Mar- a in his home -The boyfriend.

Finally, if at the beginning the former president said that he only knew QAnon for the simple fact that those who follow this cult “love Donald Trump”, he is now one of the main speakers.

A campaign tool for the Republican Party

Truth Social is also a way for the Republican Party and its journalists to spread its message more strongly on the eve of the midterm elections.

Many users are also not shy about spreading election conspiracy theories or harassing election officials.

However, there are some Democratic personalities who are trying troll the platform, like Gavin Newsom, the famous Governor of California.

Long-term viability in question

If Truth is starting to gain relative importance, the platform doesn’t beat Twitter’s traffic numbers. There will only be 2 million active daily users on the site, versus 237.8 million for bluebird.

Like Parler, it is difficult to ensure sustainability in the ecosystem of microblogging conservatively, because the competition is massive and the numbers are minimal compared to Twitter.

There are many questions about the future of Truth. A fortiori, a financing deadline and the merger with possible partner Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), which was supposed to take place today, has been postponed by 6e times in a row.

And Quebecers in Truth

Like Parler, our walk through the Truth Social didn’t really allow us to get to know Quebec’s conservative personalities. Here again, the content is primarily American and intended for an English-speaking readership.

However, we found some retruthers (repartitions) with QAnon sauce and “conspi” of Quebec news, for example the controversial letter from doctors against vaccination against COVID-19 for children.

Jeff Fillion's deserted Truth Social account.

Screenshot @jefffillion / Truth Social

Jeff Fillion’s deserted Truth Social account.

Finally, we found advertising to listen to Alexis Cossette-Trudel and other Quebec conspiracy theorists on alternative platforms Oddysee or Rumble and Jeff Fillion’s account, which was left after publication in April 2022.

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