this fake Dacia you still want

The price. This is, quite simply, the first criteria for buying a car since we reported it. And if this data clearly applies to thermal cars, this is even more important for electric vehicles, the addition of which quickly climbs very high. Solid or not, small or large, batteries still represent a significant and almost insurmountable part of the price of these “green” vehicles. So to reduce the pain, it remains to trim the edges, if possible.

This is what Spring does wonderfully and explains its growing success. Because, sold for €14,454 after deducting the CO2 bonus (€19,800 before the maximum bonus was reduced to 27% of the car’s price), this “made in China” is the cheapest electric vehicle on the market.. True, it is not the best seller in France, but among the cars you really buy, between January and September, the little Dacia is the first exclusive electric model in the ranking. It climbed to 10th position while the Tesla Model 3, another “zero emission” standout, was 18th.

Sales to individuals in August and September 2022

Model Sales in August 2022 Sales in September 2022
ModelDacia Sandero Sales in August 20223,756 Sales in September 20224,934
ModelRenault Clio Sales in August 20221,400 Sales in September 20223,071
ModelPeugeot 208 Sales in August 20221,382 Sales in September 20222,796
ModelRenault Megane Sales in August 20221,041 Sales in September 202222 88
ModelDacia Duster Sales in August 20221,975 Sales in September 20222,160
ModelRenault Captur Sales in August 2022957 Sales in September 20222,092
ModelDacia Spring Sales in August 2022924 Sales in September 20222,074
ModelRenault Twingo Sales in August 20221,113 Sales in September 20222,071
ModelPeugeot 2008 Sales in August 20221,289 Sales in September 20221,789
ModelCitroën C3 Sales in August 20221,044 Sales in September 20221,752

Sales to individuals between January and September 2022

Model Sale
ModelDacia Sandero Sale39 143
ModelPeugeot 208 Sale24,645
ModelRenault Clio Sale22,152
ModelRenault Captur Sale19,021
ModelDacia Duster Sale18,771
ModelPeugeot 2008 Sale14,385
ModelRenault Twingo Sale13,984
ModelCitroën C3 Sale12,712
ModelToyota Yaris Cross Sale12 111
ModelDacia Spring Sale11,608

Enough autonomy, but not enough for everything else!

This success, Spring owes nothing to its services on the road, or to its general comfort, or to its performance. If its 27 kWh battery offers enough capacity and range in town – 230 km of autonomy in this cycle according to our independent measurements – its speed is limited to 125 km/h making the expressway developments. Especially when it comes to overtaking, times are not so lively beyond 100 km/h. A sense of vulnerability is reinforced at night, where the little Dacia also suffers from poor lighting.

The Dacia Spring allows you to travel around 230 km in town.© Dacia

Moreover, the most common comfort offered by the suspensions invites you to choose the best paved roads. Finally, the safety offered by braking and the car in the event of a collision raises questions. If the Euro NCAP rating has long given too much importance to driving aids, the only star that Spring has earned and the percentages of protection for adults and children resulting from crashes are good indicators. Similar to the 71 meters needed to stop from 130 km/h according to our brakegraph.

Simply put, getting behind the wheel of the Spring reminds us that this car was never designed for Europe. Made in China and initially intended for the Asian market under the name Renault City K-ZE, it does not meet the standards, certainly the demands, of our regions. Rebadged Dacia, it mainly allows the Romanian manufacturer and indirectly the Renault group to lower its CO2 average to a lower value.. Affordable, this Spring is not recommended for all that and we cannot advise you enough, as an alternative, a second-hand Renault Zoe.

Compare the real autonomy of the best electric cars according to our standardized measurement cycle. Battery capacity, consumption, autonomy, we tell you everything!

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