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The truth of the day

Obviously, Armel Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire XI) was not polished on the Route du Rhum… This Thursday, around 1 pm, when he was in second position behind Charles Caudrelier, the skipper heard a crack. A priori, he did not feel any shock but he noticed that the middle fin was broken under the bottom of the boat’s hull. Which forced him to turn around and drive to Lorient. His technical team should receive him around 11 pm Armel Le Cléac’h hopes to leave. [Notre article]

Review now

There is a first choice to make when passing the tip of Breton: go west to take the wind generated by a front but with a not so good sea or put the indicator to the left towards the south to benefit from a sea that is quite less developed but also with light winds. From the Ultimes to the Class40 through the Imoca or even the Rhum classes, almost the entire fleet chose the second option. Only Louis Duc, at the helm of an Imoca with straight daggerboards, and Wilfrid Clerton, in the Rhum Mono “Cap au Cap Location”, decided to head north. In the morning session, the skipper of the Imoca “Five – Lantana Environnement” explained that he prefers to avoid tacking. Near the direct route, the score gives him the lead, but Charlie Dalin, Thomas Ruyant or Louis Burton, positioned south, are 2 to 3 knots faster. If the routes make the northern route more profitable, we have to keep up with the speed imposed by the foilers.

sentence of the day

Yoann Rihomme (Paprec Arkéa) in Class40: “We left. This penalty is not necessarily easy to collect. But I think we limited the damage with a good timing of light winds and contrary waves at Cape Fréhel”.

Yoann Rihomme (Paprec Arkéa). (Vincent Olivier)

The weather: less muscular than expected

It is in a southerly flow of about fifteen knots that the Route du Rhum fleet is progressing this Thursday, at the tip of Brittany. The front, which was waiting for them, moved to the North-West and the solo sailors should encounter conditions that were a little less tough than expected. In the west of the Bay of Biscay, 25-27 knots from the south while in the northeast, the wind, which should turn to the southeast, will only blow at 12-14 knots. We will need to stay in the right lane to make the best progress towards Cape Finisterre.

Ultimate: leader Caudrelier remains waiting

Apart from Armel Le Cléac’h’s broken daggerboard, the leader of the race remains Charles Caudrelier (Edmond de Rothschild), who is still stuck on the race committee’s response after his penalty challenge for biting at the start on Wednesday. In the port of Roscoff, Romain Pillard (Use It Again) has not yet left.

Score (5:03 pm): 1. Charles Caudrelier (Edmond de Rothschild) 3208.9m from the finish; T. Coville (Sodebo) 2.6 m from first; 3. F. Gabart (SVR-Lazartigue) at 22.4m; 4. F. Joyon (Idec Sport) at 76.5m; 5. A. Le Vaillant (Better) at 82.1m; 6. A. Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire XI) at 97.4m; 7. Y. Le Blevec (Actual) at 98.5m; 8. R. Pilliard (Extia Use It Again) at 241.7m…

Imoca: heading south for the favorites

The first to score is called Louis Duc (Fives-Lantana Environnement), but this is mainly because the latter is close to the direct route to Guadeloupe, in the north. The favorites Charlie Dalin (Apivia), Thomas Ruyant (Linked Out) or Louis Burton (Bureau Vallée), further south, are sailing faster… Note the retirement of Kojiro Shiraishi (DMG Mori Global), who collided with Oliver Heer passing the Cap Fréhel buoy on Wednesday.

Score (5:03 pm): 1. Louis Duc (Fives – Lantana) 3266.6m from finish; 2. A. Boissières (La Mie Câline) at 26 m; 3. Mr. Soudée ( at 28.9m; 4. C. Dalin (Apivia) at 55.2m; 5. A. Cornic (HUMAN Immobilier) at 55.5 m; 6. T. Ruyant (LinkedOut) at 61.2m; 7. L. Burton (Bureau Vallée) at 63.2 m; 8. B. Dutreux (Guyot Environnement – Water Family) at 64.9m; 9. J. Harayda (Gentoo Sailing Team) at 69.8m; 10. K. Escoffier (Holcim – PRB) at 69.8m…

Ocean Fifty: Quentin Vlamynck continues on his own

Leading from the start on Wednesday, Quentin Vlamynck (Arkema) still leads the Ocean Fifty fleet ahead of Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (Solidaires En Peloton-ARSEP) and Armel Tripon (Les P’tits Doudous).

Score (5:03 pm): 1. Quentin Vlamynck (Arkema) at 3,276.3 m; 2. Vauchel-Camus (Solidarity in Peloton – ARSEP) at 15.7 m; 3. A. Tripon (Les P’tits Doudous) at 16.1 m; 4. S. Rogues (Primonial) at 24.1m; 5. E. Le Roux (Koesio) at 30.5m; 6. E. Péron (Komilfo) at 36.4m; 7. Mr. Lamiré (GCA Group – 1001 smiles) at 70.4 m…

Class40: collision for Attwell, retirement for Louchart

While Pierre-Louis Attwell hit a competitor and was sailing towards his technical team in the port of Camaret and young Martin Louchart retired after hitting some rocks, Keni Piperol (Captain Alternance) took the lead.

Score (5:03 pm): 1. Keni Piperol (Capt’ain Alternance) 3328.1m from the finish; 2. A. Mehran (Polka Dot) 2.2m from first; 3. A. Beccaria (Allagrande Pirelli) at 2.6m; 4. I. Lipinski (Crédit Mutuel) in 4.1m; 5. M. Lepesqueux (Curium Life Forward) at 4.1m…

Keni Piperol (Captain Alternation).
Keni Piperol (Captain Alternation). (Photo Vincent Olivaud)

Multi Rum: Gilles Buekenhout’s dominance

After the abandonment of one of the favorites, Oren Nataf, Gilles Buekenhout (Jess) still dominates the race.

Score (5:03 pm): 1. Gilles Buekenhout (Jess) 3342.7m from the finish; 2.B. Maisonneuve (CMA Ile de France 6000 rebounds) at 12.2 m; 3. L. Etheimer (Happy) at 15.9m; 4. R. Jourdain (We Explore) at 19.5m; 5. H. Mabire (GDD) at 27.9m…

Mono Rum: the northern choice for Wilfrid Clerton

Wilfrid Clerton “Location of Cap au Cap” decided to take the northern route. Therefore it is at the top of the mark (because it is close to the direct route) while Catherine Chabaud (Formatives Esi Business School for Océan as Commons) and Jean-Pierre Dick (Notre Méditerranée – Ville de Nice) are heading south.

Score (5:03 pm): 1. Wilfrid Clerton (Cap au Cap Location) 3,326m from the finish; 2. C. Chabaud (Formatives Esi Business School for Océan as Commons) at 1.4 m; 3. Jean-Pierre Dick (Our Mediterranean – City of Nice) at 2.1 m; 4. W. Bissainte (Tradysion Gwadloup) at 13.4 m; 5. O. Nemsguern (Elora) at 49.6m; 6. G. Pronier (Terranimo) at 51.1m; 7. F. Gennari (Bella Donna – Race for Pure Ocean) at 71.3m; 8. D. Ecalard (SOS Pare Brise +) at 72.8m; .9. Mr. Colubi (Kornog 2) at 73.5m; 10. A. Pennarun (Penn Duick III for the children of Robert Debré); 10. 42.6nm.

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