NBA. The Lakers sink, successful debut for the Brooklyn coach… The summary of the night

Nothing is right in Los Angeles! Or rather with the Lakers: the prestigious NBA franchise suffered a new defeat, against another LA team besides, the Clippers (114-101), Wednesday in a game marked by the premature exit of LeBron James.

With a disastrous record of two wins for nine losses, the Lakers pointed to the penultimate place in the Western Conference.

On Wednesday night, the 2020 champions, who are said to have taken revenge after missing out on the play-offs last year, once again showed their huge deficit, collecting a whopping 38 points in the first quarter (38 -21).

Despite the reaction in the second, the Lakers, leading 54-52 at the break, suffered another air pocket after returning from the locker room, ultimately suffering their fourth straight loss.

As for LeBron James, his stats record remains honorable, with 30 points scored, eight rebounds and five assists. But the LA star limped off the field five minutes from time, before explaining to the press that he felt discomfort in his groin when jumping. He now has to pass medical tests.

With 29 points from their winger Paul George, the Clippers on the other hand kept in good rhythm with 7e victory in twelve games.

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Across the east, eyes are on the Brooklyn Nets, for coach Jacque Vaughn’s premiere, after Steve Nash was fired. A successful first for people who know the house very well (notably he was an assistant for seven seasons), with an easy victory over the Knicks (112-85) mainly fueled by a triple-double by Kevin Durant (25 pts, 12 rebounds and 12 passes).

While the Nets still have a negative record (5-7), the 34-year-old winger has consistently scored 25 points or more since the start of the season, a nearly unprecedented feat since only Michael Jordan has accomplished the feat. better in the campaign. 1988-89 (16 matches).

But the 2014 MVP preferred to play it together, as Brooklyn had a tumultuous start to the season, both on and off the field. “What I like is that we are all on the same wavelength”he said to ESPN. “I’m not better than my friends […] They put me in the best conditions, help me in defense, in rebounding… It’s teamwork”he insisted.

On the Knicks side, Evan Fournier played 20 minutes, scoring 6 points (2 rebounds and two assists).

Utah and Markkanen hate Atlanta

Losing for the first time of the season Monday in Atlanta, the Milwaukee Bucks continued their – laborious – march forward, with 10e grabbed the victory in overtime against the Thunder (136-132), with 36 points and 12 assists for leader Jevon Carter.

Behind the Bucks, the group is now led by the duo consisting of the Cavs and Celtics (8-3): Cleveland, despite Donovan Mitchell’s 38 points, lost to Sacramento (127-120), while the Celtics by Jayson Tatum (31 pts ) did the job against the Detroit Pistons (128-112).

In the Western Conference, the Utah Jazz lead the game, with 10e victory (for three losses) Wednesday in Atlanta (125-119), which nevertheless remained in its stunning victory against Milwaukee.

But Jazz star Lauri Markkanen hurt the Hawks, with six successful three-point shots and an eight of eight free throws (32 pts).

The Blazers, Suns and Nuggets remain in ambush, however, at 8-3: Portland dominated the Charlotte Hornets (105-95) at North Carolina, Phoenix won at Minnesota (129-117), and Denver at Indiana (122 -119).

In Minneapolis, Rudy Gobert’s 25 points (11 rebounds, no assists) weren’t enough for the Wolves, who now have 7 losses in 12 games.

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