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Freelancing platform Cherry Pick has joined the ESN Neo-Soft Group. For what combinations and what synergies? Update with Stéphane Aubin, CEO and co-founder of Cherry Pick.

The Cherry Pick + Neo-Soft quartet: Stéphane Aubin, Samuel Lepeltier, Soïg Le Bruchec, Adrien Bret – © Photo © Timothée Souillac

This arrangement of harmony is rare enough to underline it: ESN Neo-Soft now includes Cherry Pickthe freelancing platform specialized in IT, data and digital professions,

“Cherry Pick and Neo-Soft become one company. But, from an operational perspective, we remain independent and Cherry Pick’s economic model is unchanged”Explain Stéphane Aubin, CEO and co-founder of Cherry Pick. “We are deepening our positioning: bringing our network of freelancers closer to companies at the national level. »

This comparison should be interpreted in a double sense:

  • On the Cherry Pick side, the 15,000 freelancers registered on the platform have access to Neo-Soft’s client portfolio (180 clients), all business sectors combined, looking for specific technical and business knowledge.
  • On Neo-Soft’s side, Cherry Pick’s knowledge is available to Neo-Soft’s customers from the angle of expanding the service offer that meets the expectations of independent consultants and their needs and a direct access to “a business community. and technical experts in the service of their IT projects by diversifying sourcing”, according to Soig Le BruchecPresident and founder of a recruiting IT services group, passionate about external growth operations to expand its skill set.

An ESN well established in the French regions

Created in 2005, Neo-Soft has a base of 180 referenced customers in 5 target markets:
• insurance and social protection,
• banking – finance,
• telecoms-media,
• retail,
• public sector.

ESN has a staff of 1,800 employees and offices in France (12 agencies), Tunisia, Spain and Germany. It expects to achieve a turnover of 180 million euros by 2022 (including Cherry Pick).

Its 5 areas of expertise are:
• Consulting and Project Management,
• digital transformation,
• cloud and network,
• cybersecurity,
• data.

Cherry Pick, on Neo-Soft’s “additional support” customer service

Hosted at the Parisian digital campus Station F since its creation in 2017, Cherry Pick offers access to 4 communities of experts on its digital networking platform:

  • digital transformation,
  • project management,
  • IT and DevOps,
  • Data.

The start-up has 50 customers with different profiles (start-ups, scale-ups, groups) including Unify (TF1 group), Ornikar, Leboncoin, Monoprix Online, Carrefour, and Cdiscount.

“At Cherry Pick, we bring 15,000 experts in all fields addressed. The goal is to support Néo-Soft customers for all their needs in Paris and in the regions, through additional support.”said Stéphane Aubin.

“We work together and in unison with Neo-Soft. We remain independent, but we meet the needs of the group’s customers. This allows us to cover all of our customers’ needs, something that we cannot achieve without this joint effort. »

A double monitoring system is implemented when a mission is fulfilled:

  • on the one hand, the account manager (the business manager) regularly takes stock of the operational staff (the client) to make sure everything is going well. Therefore, he is the client’s sole point of contact for a project involving a freelancer.
  • on the other hand, the freelancer is followed in parallel by a ‘tech recruiter’ who accompanies and guides him throughout his mission.«

Cherry Pick: partner ecosystem - © DR

Cherry Pick: partner ecosystem – © DR

A differentiating system according to Cherry Pick

Stéphane Aubin defends the Cherry Pick model against the competition on freelancing platforms:

  • »We only apply commission fees to our clients, unlike some platforms. The traditional system generally applied by our “colleagues” allows them to invoice their services to freelancers as well through a monthly subscription or a rate applied to TJM for each day worked. Therefore, this has an effect on TJM of freelancers who increase their prices to cover these losses and directly affect the market”
  • »At Cherry Pick, a commission of around 15 to 20% is charged to our customers. This applies for our freelance offer but also when we work as a hunting firm to meet the permanent employment needs of our clients.«
  • “When they start working together, clients and freelancers know our margins (15-20%). This avoids friction, something we traditionally see with consultants in consulting companies that are margins are higher. We also avoid piling up margins because we work directly with our customers.”

(Excerpted from an article published in News Tank RH on 05/25/2022. To access discovery offer)

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