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The College Basketball season begins this Monday, November 7. For many players, this is an important year, a year that should determine their place in the eyes of NBA scouts and therefore shape their future in relation to the Big League. Surprises, counter-performances, explosions, injuries… Anything can happen in the coming months. From expert Mike Schmitz to prospect evaluation enthusiasts, the scouting world will be watching every player’s every move to try to define their profile and ultimately play the projection game for the 2023 NBA draft and their long-term future in the NBA. The CCS Scouting Squad is no exception to this rule and begins its season by offering you three specific prospects. After the favorites, we set aside objectivity to write with heart: make way for the darlings of the editorial staff. (source:

Julian Strawther

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Young Kwak

Birthday : April 18, 2002 – class : Junior

University : Gonzaga Bulldogs (WCC) – Work : Winger

Cut : 201 cm – Weight: 92kg – Wingspan: 211 cm

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Julian Strawther started his third season with the Gonzaga Bulldogs. After a freshman year spent with Jalen Suggs and a sophomore year in Chet Holmgren’s shadow, Strawther will have more visibility this season. In fact, Gonzaga must hold Drew Timme accountable for most of their attacks. However, the interior fixation point it represents will allow the winger to have ticket shots and opportunities to demonstrate a wider offensive palette than he has indicated so far.

His coach Mark Few decided to use him almost exclusively catch & shoot since last year. If the the mechanics are not perfect (a shot that starts relatively low and a right leg that swings slightly forward), the resulting efficiency is respectable (36.5% on average in 2020-2021 for 4 attempts per game). However, the 70% on free throws may ask. That’s what I’m looking forward to this season. The Dominican winger showed real intent at times ending in the circle. good rebounder, he is not afraid of difficult games in the bottom circle. He still looks fat but he already has the qualities that make him a player capable of making an impact on the field. He was able, in order, to show a great ability to finish actions with a small floater. Finally, his no brains is greatly appreciated. This standard is important in my view for it to exist one day in the NBA. Navigate between screens, play cuts or open shooting zones are so many arguments that can be pleaded in its favor.

Therefore it is a double or quits season that Julian Strawther is in danger of experiencing. Can it be other than a simple screen output shooter ? Will there be a real paper on the Zags roster or he’ll just be one complementing Drew Timme’s omnipresence ? There are so many questions that we will be able to answer next March.

Cason Wallace

Source: Go Big Blue Country

Birthday : November 7, 2003 – class : Freshman

University : Kentucky Wildcats (SEC) – Work : Guard

Cut : 193 cm – Weight: 88kg – Wingspan: No

The criteria for bringing a player into the category of “expensives” is completely subjective and personal. As for me, I place great importance on a prospect’s defensive, fighting, and even livestock skills. So naturally, I chose to introduce you to Kentucky’s future combo-guard: Cason Wallace. Like many young players from Texas teams, Wallace stood out in a tenacity is particularly valued in terms of NBA projections. Here we have an athletically impressive boy who is definitely a defensive poison in positions 1-2. Although its scope is still uncertain, the visual impression leaves scouts dreaming and brings nightmares to SEC leaders. His lateral movements are precise and sharp, Wallace knows how to disrupt a ball carrier, navigate between screens, intelligently play a two-man strike and even perform spectacular actions to i -tip the ball. momentum in favor of his team. It will definitely be a mainstay of the Wildcats’ outside defense next time.

But Cason Wallace is not just one defender with elite potential. No, this is the only place where he shows the most certainty. The Texan has some potential in other sectors but everything remains to be confirmed. Equipped with a functional handle but not elite, Cason Wallace uses his speed and physicality to create gaps. This season, he has had few opportunities to display his organizational skills due to the presence of the point guard Shavir Wheeler. Also, offensively, he has good scoring potential at three levels, but that remains to be proven. Effective with and without the ball, Wallace will need to show he can make three-pointers more difficult than wide open. All in all, Cason Wallace remains one of the best two-way guards of this vintage with defensive credentials that will secure him a spot in the lottery. And then, an underrated guard where we just borrowed defensive traits from Kentucky, there are a few: Cason Wallace could join Maxey, SGA, Fox, Quickley…

Jaime Jaquez Jr.

Source: UCLA Athletics

Birthday : February 18, 2001 – class : Senior

University : UCLA (PAC-12) – Work : Winger (#24)

Cut : 201 cm – Weight: 102kg – Wingspan: 206 cm

It was detailed in the scouting report dedicated to him for the 2022 draft (which you can see here), Jaime Jaquez Jr begins his 4th season at the University of California, Los Angeles. After 3 seasons, more or less successful individually and collectively, Jaime Jaquez wants only one thing now: the NCAA title and nothing else. Eliminated in the semi-finals in 2021 by monster Gonzaga then in the 3rd round by Caleb Love and his gang from North Carolina, UCLA hopes to reach the NCAA final this year. For this, they can count on a Jaime Jaquez back in business.

We don’t show Mexican-American anymore. Brilliant winger who shines with his versatility and dedication on both sides of the pitch, Jaquez is every leader’s dream soldier. Several times awarded by Pac 12 All-Defensive Team selections for great defense, he is more of a foil to the attack. No elite, but no great weakness, no great mistake. On a basketball court, Jaime Jaquez shows intelligence that allows him to always be in good position and make the necessary efforts whether to grab a rebound, set a screen or move without the ball. Last season, the player has also shown great progress in playmaking. In fact, skilled in the tasks of ending the chain and finisher, he found himself more involved in the offensive game of his team and was able to expose good flashes in the pass.

A complete player with limited potential but at a fairly high floor level. Maybe there are flaws? Yes, shooting is erratic and free throw success is questionable. This is the point where the player needs to show progress and regularity. The defense, the rebounding, the dirty work on both sides of the field, the screens, the rush… We know all of that. Flashes to the pass are a significant plus but not too important compared to the finisher role that potentially awaits him in the NBA. What we will watch this season is shooting. It’s likely that his entry ticket will clinch a spot at the end of the first round or the start of the second round of the 2023 draft, it’s up to him to validate it.

These three players with variable potential hold a special place in the hearts of editorial scouts. But many other players are interesting to see. Some prospects have hype, others are more obscure and you have to eat hours of videos of not always great university matches to try to find the rare pearls, the future great players and the ones in unfortunately could not pass. by NBA box. It’s the sheer number of possibilities and profiles of players that make analysis so fascinating, and it’s not to dissuade scouting enthusiasts. And who knows, we might discover some new favorites there. Have a great scouting season everyone!

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