how a hypercar aims for perfection…

Perfection: this is the goal pursued by Bugatti in the design of the new Centodieci, the ultra-exclusive ten-unit special series of a hypercar that defies all automotive superlatives. Decryption.

Centodieci. The qualifier, that is “110 years” in Italian as a tribute to founding of Bugatti in 1909probably hasn’t escaped you.

The most exclusive of hypercars

Announced in 2019, it is currently in production hypercar represent the ultimate in exclusivityin a range that only responds to these terms, as it is limited to ten small units, including one for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Every new Centodieci is necessarily produced over a period of months by the expert hands of Molsheim, meeting the precise specifications set by a clients are lined up in a narrow shutter.

So, the first mountain leaving the Atelier is a strong tribute to the myth of the EB110 in a blue livery. Rebel for second, but in a silver outfit like the EB110 SuperSport.

Steve Jenny, the Bugatti whisperer

The Centodieci, every part of it came through countless hours of testing, is meticulously built by hand in Molsheim. But before being delivered to its owner, it must still receive a green light from Steve Jenny, the experienced Bugatti test pilot whose story is this.

Traveled over 350,000 km driving close to 800 Bugattis, the man is attentive to the smallest details. It checks for example that the finish and interior is perfect, and all these vehicles are in motion without the slightest imperfection. Workshop teams also ensure that the bodywork and seats are protected.

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The tests are very strict

The tests imposed by Bugatti are at least 300 km around Molsheim for about five hours They allow the vehicle to be inspected different types of roads and surfaces. Specific routes are determined seasonally, regardless of weather conditions.

The hypercar tested in the present case is the Centodieci “EB110 Silver”The second copy from the series of ten inspirations by the EB110 Super Sport. Under its bonnet, the 1,600 hp 8.0-liter W16 sits under a glass platelike the original EB110.

The sound signature of Centodieci is therefore completely modified in relation to a Chiron Super Sport sharing the same cavalry, but in the open. Steve Jenny must make sure the sound is the same for each of the 10 copies.

During the test, he checks not only the personality of Centodieci but also all anomaly. Whether it’s the sound of the car, the sound of the suspensions or the rustle of leather and carbon fiber: everything must conform to standards of “perfection” defined by Bugatti.

After the warm-up, “the test by fire”!

After the open roads, make way for the track… of a airport. The Centodieci then goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds and reach a top speed of… 380 km/h ! High-speed slaloms, sudden lane changes, emergency braking… everything was tested there.

The driver will also check the rendering and hit different endings. Bugatti has developed shapes, parts and special manufacturing process for the Centodieci. It has a diversity of elements such as, in particular, a precise leather stitchingcreating a quilted checkerboard effect in its cabin.

So much perfection…

Steve Jenny owns a knowledge of Bugatti standards so acute that even a material feels rougher than it should, or if knobs, switches and handles lack the appearance, hardness or expected to handlehe returned the vehicle to the Workshop to identify, explain and correct the problem with his colleagues.

All data are measured, recorded and analyzed using the margins of accurate and reduced tolerance so that there is no space personal interpretation. Only after validating a long list of criteria can the vehicle be entrusted to the Workshop teams for the next stages of quality assurance process.

Once any imperfections have been rectified, possible final parts replaced, gearbox filter changed, customer tires mounted, the car will undergo a final road test of around 50 km.

“The creation of a Bugatti does not allow any compromise, and this is even more true for a vehicle as rare and exclusive as the Centodieci”, Steve Jenny commented. “Since only 10 examples will be made, the opportunities to drive such an exceptional car are so limited that we have to be very careful in road testing. »

“A very important guarantee of a constant level of perfection for every Centodieci and every Bugatti. If we encounter any problems, we do not allow ourselves to be influenced by deadlines or schedules. The vehicle is only delivered when we are certain that it is perfect in every detail. »

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