Digital nomadism: what are we talking about?

In France, the concept of digital nomadism is still in its infancy. However, the rise of teleworking is driving more and more people to start, whether they are freelancers or employees. We take the stock.

Understanding digital nomadism

Digital nomadism: what is it?

To put it simply, we speak of “digital nomad” to designate someone who, thanks to digital tools, works on the go. So, it is possible to work from Bali, Australia, Mexico or even Thailand, on the sole condition of having a good Internet connection. Digital nomadism specifically addresses the needs of new generations who seek to work while making the most of their free time.

If the concept is not yet fully democratic in France, companies see more and more interests in it. By promoting this alternative way of working, employees open up to other cultures and immerse themselves in new methods, which can be a real asset for a team.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital nomadism

For the employee or freelancer, digital nomadism has many advantages. The latter is free to work from where he wants and therefore, to travel the worldto meet new people and manage his schedule as he likes.

However, digital nomadism can also have some disadvantages. The lack of social contact and the feeling of loneliness is sometimes a burden, as is the fact of not having a “fixed address”. It is also necessary to subject himself to a strong discipline and to a real rigor in his work at the risk of being the subject of failures.

Top 5 jobs related to digital nomadism

Some professions particularly lend themselves to digital nomadism, such as the following professions:

The mission of a web editor is to write blog articles, web pages or product sheets according to certain guidelines. So he can work from home as well as from any other place, if the situation allows.

The graphic designer can design all the company’s communication documents. It could be the creation of a logo, an advertising poster or the layout of a magazine. If he has different software necessary for the implementation of his function, he can become a “digital nomad”.

The Community Manager brings the company’s social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to life. To build its popularity, it must create and federate a community of Internet users. Its activity can be carried out 100% remotely.

A developer’s role is to design websites. To this end, he can work from the other side of the world, as long as he has a high-performance computer and a good Internet connection.

  • Personal development coach

A personal development coach can also use his activity as a nomad. All he has to do is create a website and give advice to people who contact him. Another tip is to offer distance training through videoconferencing.

How to become a digital nomad?

Are you interested in digital nomadism and want to get started? The first thing to do is check your skills and knowledge. This will allow you to find work that you can train remotely. When done, the ideal is to design a website to present your services there.

Of course, the choice of destination is very important, but that’s the whole advantage of this lifestyle: you can change countries whenever you want. On the site, the ideal is to join a community of “digital nomads” to discuss your issues and move forward together. Remember that if digital nomadism is a dream in many ways, this lifestyle involves a lot of work to be able to pursue your dreams.

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