Bucks, the new leader of the Jazz in the West, was finally defeated

The night is long, the night is thick, it is intense. Game winners, All-Star chokes, the Lakers still taking 140 and the Jazz leader in the West, the Bucks no longer undefeated and Myles Turner selling his body to the highest bidder. Here’s a mix of what to remember from this BIG NBA night and, spoiler, we’ll tell you a whole lot more. Send the recap!

The night’s results (with a little house statistics in order)

What to remember

  • In the battle of the nullos, the Magic relied on a big Paolo Banchero but the 2022 Rockets played like the 2016 Rockets. And Jalen Green is James Harden.
  • In the other nullos duel, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander initially wanted us to believe that the Thunder weren’t that bad, but his team’s second half didn’t prove him right.
  • Without Trae Young, the Hawks managed to knock off the Bucks for the first time this season.
  • The hero of the night? Alright we hear you, we’re giving you nine chances to find.
  • The Wizards won in Charlotte but their best player was Jordan Goodwin. Not sure that’s very good news for them, regardless of the fact that the boy’s name is very stylish.
  • Myles Turner dropped his annual perf against the Pelicans, the Pacers are 5-5 and it’s pretty impressive.
  • The Wolves couldn’t do it at the beginning of the season, and the Knicks took advantage of the opportunity to get back on balance (5-5).
  • Joel Embiid is back, George Niang is on fire, and the Suns take the water against the Sixers.
  • The Bulls got revenge against the Raptors, Scottie Barnes benched Nikola Vucevic but Zach LaVine ensured his return.
  • The Blazers won another game at the buzzer, and this time without a walk.
  • In scred, the Spurs continue to lose (4L in a row.
  • In scred, the Nuggets keep winning (3W in a row).
  • Ja Morant and Desmond Bane may be the best back duo in the League, but last night Jayson Tatum was the best position 3 on the pitch.
  • The Lakers scored 139 against the Jazz, logically since the Jazz are the new leaders of the Western Conference. Incredible phrase.
  • Luka Doncic yawned again (36/6/6), Kevin Durant choked a bit, and the Mavs went to the Nets.
  • It took an extraordinary Stephen Curry to pull the Warriors out of a hell of a quagmire against the Kings.
  • The Cavs were close to leading the East, but the TrashTalk Curse hit, the Clippers outscored Cleveland 15-0 in the money and the momentum left Ohio. Second loss of the season for Darius and Dono, and the Clippers are back strong.

TTFL top pick: Stephen Curry

The Top 10: wait a bit

Some memories of the night


West ranking on November 8, 2022

Next night’s matches:

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