Volkswagen ID.Buzz, ZFE and GM – Zapping TURBO of 06/11/2022

Card for Volkswagen ID.Buzz, tolls instead of the ZFE, or even GM looking at Europe again, a look back at the automotive news of the last few days.

GM is heading to Europe

Ever since he came to earth, there, there are people who dream of seeing him here. General Motors is, once again, aiming for Europe. More than five years after selling Opel and handing over the keys to Stellantis. GM has almost completely forgotten the old continent, with two exceptions, the Corvette and the Camaro, more for brand image than volumes. And it is through the electrification of the ranks of the American giant that this return will be possible. However, it is unlikely that the new Cadillac Lyriq will arrive in Europe in the coming months, like the electric Hummer. On this side of the Atlantic, we must settle for Bolt and the upcoming Equinox.

VW ID Buzz Box

The Buzz will be full throttle. ID Buzz, which barely missed its lure operation, not yet in the concession, has already registered more than 20,000 pre-orders in Europe. A figure that attracts and somewhat panics VW, since only 15,000 copies should appear in the chains by the end of the year. The group clearly planned to scale up, to reach 130,000 ID Buzz produced per year in the medium term. To find out if it’s first come, first served. And then, it is impossible to know either, if the declared buyers are nostalgic for the Combi of the past or newly convinced.

IN BRIEF / Ferrari on the track, the retired Kia Stinger, chocolate Bugatti

In other words, Ferrari has reconnected with its old love, endurance. The manufacturer presented the 499P a few days ago, a hypercar powered by a hybrid twin-turbo V6. On its sides, the number 50, like the number of years of absence from Ferrari in endurance. His goal, the 24 Hours of Le Mans next June.

The retirement of the Kia Stinger has sounded. Just five years after its presentation, the one that thrilled fans of fine mechanics with its 370 horsepower twin-turbo V6 is about to lower the valves. Blame it on the malus, on Europe, and also there… A purring that doesn’t quite match the electric current.

And then, a sweetness. A Bugatti Type 35, almost scale 1, made entirely of chocolate. 400 kg of cocoa and more than 400 hours of work were required for the pastry chef, Jean-Luc Decluzeau, to make the car. Just to taste the eyes, after the chocolate fair in Paris, the car will go to the chocolate museum in Colmar.

CONSO / In Cambridge, not in ZFE, long live the toll!

A week ago, BALITA asked you if you felt you were sufficiently informed about the ZFEs, the Low Emission Zones, which are about to be set up in most of the main cities in France. In England, the city of Cambridge has opted for a different policy to let its residents breathe less polluted air. There is no ZFE, but a toll, to promote access to bicycles and reduce the number of cars in the city centre. It costs less than 6 euros for every roaring car that wants to get to the center of the city. A municipal decision that hardly appeals to motorists, but are they more satisfied with the establishment of the ZFE?

TEST / Skoda Vision 7S, Czech renewal

The Skoda double effect. The logo and the car. A few weeks ago, the Czech brand revealed its new visual identity and to accompany it it was installed in one of its studies, the Vision 7S, which described the future models of the brand. Suffice it to say that everything we know about Skoda so far is to be forgotten. New silhouette, 7 seats here, new look, massive use of recycled materials, 100% electric and 600 km of autonomy announced, to satisfy, according to the manufacturer, “urban explorers”. And that’s good! We at Turbo also have the Indiana Jones of the rolling thing.

INSO / SAAB, new dealership in Taiwan

The 2000s for Saab were long and sad like a rainy day watching the trucks fly by. Until the last, embarrassing point, more than ten years ago, when the brand definitely won in the department of automotive memorabilia. Lost? Nope. In Taiwan, the brand still has its followers and representatives, having been established on the island for more than 40 years. It has six concessions, the last of which opened its doors recently, and 12 approved centers in the country. It certainly doesn’t offer new models, nothing, but used cars and takes care of the ones that are still on the road.

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